‘Weekly Idol’: Eun-Kwang x Mi-Joo ‘Kwang-Kwang Chemistry UP’

‘Weekly Idol’: Eun-Kwang x Mi-Joo ‘Kwang-Kwang Chemistry UP’

(Reporter Kim Na-yeon of Xports News) ‘Weekly Idol’, which airs on MBC M, is looking for viewers with new corners from the 17th.

The new corner, ‘Weekly Big Mouth’, is an ambitious corner presented by ‘talk freak’ MC Eunkwang. Idols engaged in extreme marathon balance discussions and their heated moments of over-immersion are expected to make viewers laugh.

MC Miju, who has the ambition to “responsible for the right to play for idols,” presents customized fun games that guests want as a ‘game fanatic’.

In the signature corner of ‘Weekly Idol’, ‘Random Play Dance (Ranple)’, a ‘Hall of Fame’ round is added. In the future, guests who succeed in ‘Ranple’ will challenge the next level where all songs are played at 2x speed, and if successful, they will enter the ‘Ranple-Hall of Fame’.

Verivery is the first guest of ‘Weekly Idol’ that has been renovated. Verivery, who experienced the renewed ‘Weekly Idol’ for the first time, expressed great satisfaction. 

‘Weekly Idol’ will be broadcast on the 17th at 7:20 pm.