“Under The Queen’s Umbrella” Episodes 5 and 6 Seize the Opportunity For A Power Struggle After Mourning

“Under The Queen’s Umbrella” Episodes 5 and 6 Seize the Opportunity For A Power Struggle After Mourning

With the recent death of the Crown Prince, the King is pressured to choose his new successor in Under The Queen’s Umbrella.

Opposing the deposition of the Crown Prince, the King and Queen become devastated by the news of their son’s death. Court officials propose to select a new successor while the investigation of the Crown Prince’s death continues. Fulfilling her promise to her son, the Queen looks after the Crown Princess and her children.

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Under The Queen’s Umbrella Episodes 5 and 6 Highlights

“One’s worth is determined by the position that one holds.”

News spread that the Crown Prince is ill, and other concubines see it as an opportunity. Consort Hwang and the Chief State Councilor are then eager to propose the deposition of the sick Crown Prince. Meanwhile, Queen Dowager reminds Minister Yoon to keep his ground when approached by the Chief State Councilor.

Devastated by his son’s state, the King forbids the Queen from going near the Crown Prince and locks her up in her quarters. She is also not allowed to know anything about her son from the Chief Eunuch.

Physician Kwon is imprisoned by the king, and Prince Seong-nam visits him. The prince learns from him that the herbs can be lethal depending on the season it was harvested.

After the prince’s visit, Physician Kwon gets tortured as ordered by Queen Dowager, but he keeps silent about the outside prescription as promised to Prince Seong-nam.

Prince Seong-nam threatens Master Toji with a sword asking about what was wrong with his prescription while also revealing that the Crown Prince was harmed. Denying the suspicions, Master Toji suggests something might have gone wrong during the treatment process.

Minister Yoon received an offer from the Chief State Councilor to make his daughter the crown princess if he joins hands in pushing for a taekhyeon. Back in his home, Minister Yoon’s daughter, Cheong-ha excitedly tells her parents she wants to marry a handsome man and she already has someone in mind. Reacting to that, he takes pity on his daughter’s future in-laws.

Under the Queen's Umbrella

“They must aim to fool the tiger so that it descends the mountains of its own will.”

As agreed, Minister Yoon takes lead in proposing the deposition of the Crown Prince. However, the Chief State Councilor suddenly acts in opposition to the proposal. This baffles Minister Yoon, but the Councilor later explains it was all a scheme to overthrow the King.

The King hears Prince Bo-geom’s opinion on the deposition, and hears that it is reasonable, but also gets warned of an impending power struggle. True to it, the court officials gather outside begging the King for the Crown Prince’s deposition.

Escaping her confinement while wearing servant’s clothes, the Queen meets the deposed Queen Yoon. Unaware of who the Queen is, Cheong-ha assumes she’s just a noble lady going out for her affair. The deposed queen believes that the Crown Prince’s disease serves as retribution since the present royal family is stained since its conception.

Queen Hwa-ryeong promises to do any favor the deposed queen asks, so she learns that the Crown Prince does not share the same symptoms as Crown Prince Taein’s. Adding to that, the past crown prince is said to be murdered as admitted by its culprit, showing in a flashback the present Queen Dowager.

Aware that the deposition is being pushed by the court officials, the Dowager pressures the King to give in and listen to the people who made him king. However, the Queen silences them, and the King comes out to charge treason against anyone who pushes for a deposition.

Just when they stated their ground, they are informed of the declining state of the Crown Prince. Reaching his quarters, the King and Queen see their son has already passed away.

Under the Queen's Umbrella

“I only tried to make things right. What did I do so wrong?”

Still mourning their son’s death, the King checks on the Queen every night. Meanwhile, the Chief State Councilor is granted permission to investigate the Crown Prince’s death, so he tortures Physician Kwon while interrogating him. 

Court officials attempt to propose the selection of the next crown prince, but the King prioritizes the investigation. Directed by the Chief State Councilor, rumors spread in the palace about the Queen causing the Crown Prince’s death. 

The Crown Princess seeks help from the Queen after suspecting her children’s servants poisoning them. Calling the Crown Princess delusional, the Queen gets angry at the servants. Investigating it, the Queen learns that nothing was found true from the Crown Princess’ suspicions. 

Distracted on another issue, the Queen saves Court Lady Shin from being interrogated as she scolds the Chief State Councilor for not adhering to formality.

Consort Tae overhears the Queen’s conversation about the Crown Prince’s medicine they got outside the palace. She then later asks about the vacant position, and the Queen warns her not to jump into it rashly.

Rumors about the Crown Prince’s poisoning reach the concubines and Consort Hwang gets triggered hearing that the perpetrator could be charged with treason. She then visits her father, the Chief State Councilor, to stop the interrogation since she had altered the medicine given to the Crown Prince through Physician Kwon. Shocked to hear about it, Consort Hwang assures him that Physician Kwon could be trusted so he must be kept alive.

Taken out by the Queen, Physician Kwon promises nothing was altered in the Crown Prince’s medicine and agrees to keep silent about the outside prescription.

Under the Queen's Umbrella

“A crown prince is not born. He is made.”

Suddenly the next day, the Queen hears that the interrogation gets halted. Consort Tae refuses the invitation to side with the proposal of taekhyeon, and she gets insulted by her son’s inability to get chosen. Court Lady Park then explains to her that Prince Bo-geom lacks supporters from his maternal side.

Opposing Prince Ui-seong, Prince Bo-geom gets into a fight with him, and Prince Seong-nam saves him. Finding his way out of punishment, Prince Seong-nam asks to receive extra lessons from their teacher.

Preparing her sons to prove their worthiness, the Queen provides them with royal education.

Pressured by her son’s dissatisfaction, Consort Tae visits Minister Yoon at night, having him promise to support Bo-geom in exchange for her information about the Queen using outside medicine. The information gets relayed to the Chief State Councilor, and he brings it up on the next day’s interrogation to corner the Queen.

Flipping the accusation, the Queen suggests that the Crown Prince was poisoned and someone is slandering her while bringing up that it isn’t the first time a crown prince suddenly died. The King postpones the interrogation, and the Queen Dowager threatens the Queen to confess about the medicine from outside or else she will expose her meeting with the traitor deposed Queen Yoon.

Checking the food for the grand heir, the Queen feeds her grandson meat. Appreciating his drawing, she learns about the nursemaid poking the grand heir’s thigh with a needle. Looking at the tarnishing spoon, the Queen forces her grandson to spit out the food he just ate.

Under the Queen's Umbrella

Under The Queen’s Umbrella Episodes 5 and 6 Musings

Proving how evil she is, the Queen Dowager can make your blood boil and feel frustrated with how she has a grip on the royal court. 

While she makes it obvious she opposes Queen Hwa-ryeong, the King states his stance outside the pressure of his mom and their followers. It’s so important to have one’s ground, especially for high-ranking officials.

Possessing wisdom and a just heart, Prince Bo-geom seems worthy of the position. However, being provoked because of his weak maternal background, his desire for power may be awakened. 

Hopefully, he does not become a villain since he is one of the rightful people that could inherit the throne. Unlike Consort Hwang and Prince Ui-seong who are hasty to take the throne, his fair mindset is more fitting for high positions.

Now that the Dowager became straightforward in opposing the Queen and the grand heir is at risk of poisoning, securing definite evidence of her enemy inside the palace will be the Queen’s priority. If she happens to admit the unverified prescription, unrest in the palace can be anticipated in the next episodes.

Under the Queen's Umbrella

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