“Under The Queen’s Umbrella” Episode 12 Readily Welcomes a New Member to the Royal Family

“Under The Queen’s Umbrella” Episode 12 Readily Welcomes a New Member to the Royal Family

Eager to meet the man she likes, Cheong-ha becomes selected as the crown princess in Under The Queen’s Umbrella.

Scouting for the potential crown princess, Queen Hwa-ryeong favors Cheong-ha even though she is Minister Yoon’s eldest daughter. Despite also being Queen Dowager’s choice, Cheong-ha succeeds in being selected to marry the crown prince.

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Under The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 12 Highlights

“Always be alert and devote yourself to everything you do.”

Park Gyeong-u bargains with the King on the position he will take after being offered to be the minister of taxation. Coming to an agreement he becomes the tutor of the crown prince in Sigangwon.

Meanwhile, Prince Ui-seong drops by the Queen Dowager’s chambers with Consort Hwang before he leaves the palace to live in a nearby residence prepared by the King.

Queen Hwa-ryeong worries about the first day of the crown prince in Sigangwon. Discussing his answers, the Chief State Councilor disagrees with the Crown Prince, so Park Gyeong-u questions the assessments given to the Crown Prince.

Even with the disagreements, Prince Seong-nam receives outstanding marks. A marriage ban becomes imposed as the crown princess selection is announced.

Under the Queen's Umbrella

“So what if she is ignorant? It is fine as long as she is good at heart.”

Going undercover outside the palace, the Queen along with Consort Ko and Consort Tae scout potential women to participate in the crown princess selection. 

Cheong-ha captures the attention of the Queen as she defends a divorced woman on the street selling her golden hairpin. Stepping on the golden hairpin, Cheong-ha proves her point.

Pleased with her, the Queen drinks tea with her. They talk about how women are aware of the seven grounds of getting divorced, but not their rights such as the Sambulgeo, which serves as the three shields of a woman.

Encouraging her to participate in the crown princess selection, Cheong-ha turns down the offer stating she has a man she likes. Showing the portrait, the Queen reveals that it is the crown prince, which shocks Cheong-ha.

Assuming that the woman she’s talking to is a senior court lady, Cheong-ha leaves excited after being reminded also to keep it a secret that she has already met the crown prince even before the selection.

Under the Queen's Umbrella

“If anyone treats you with disdain, confront them confidently.”

Prince Mu-an tells the tale to his brothers of how he saved and spent the night with Cho-wol. Answering the question of why they remain friends, a flashback shows Cho-wol acknowledging her incomparable origins, which makes her decide to be a congenial friend who bonds over poetry with Prince Mu-an. Visiting her place, Prince Mu-an becomes shocked to hear she’s no longer there.

Seo Ham-deok dies after being tricked into drinking poison by Physician Kwon. Hearing the news of his news, the King orders to watch the rebels closely along with the visitors of the deposed queen. 

Master Toji inform their group of what happened to Seo Ham-deok. He announces that they’ll be needing to create a justification for a revolt. Consort Hwang meets Physician Kwon who wishes to come back to the palace.

Under the Queen's Umbrella

“It is our duty as parents to watch silently. Then the child’s caliber will grow bigger on its own.”

The Queen Dowager visits Minister Yoon’s residence and sees Cheong-ha persistent to participate in the selection. Asking why she wants to become the crown princess, Cheong-ha lies that she wants to rise to the highest position.

Straightforward to Cheong-ha, the Queen Dowager asks her to stand on her side while faking her care for her own grandson. Aware of the Dowager’s intentions, Minister Yoon becomes hesitant about Cheong-ha’s participation.

Believing Cheong-ha would be the worst bride for the crown prince, the Dowager gives her full support to her. Meanwhile, the Queen chooses the daughter of the Chief Royal Secretary. News reaches the Crown Prince, but he remains uninterested.

Under the Queen's Umbrella

“How can we do our best at all times? It will wear you out.”

Cheong-ha becomes selected as the crown princess after reciting well about the Sambulgeo. The Queen warmly welcomes and congratulates her. Having already met her parents before the selection, the Queen offered Minister Yoon to be the shields of each other’s children.

Motivating Cheong-ha to meet Prince Seong-nam, the Queen supports her on the side while she diligently takes her lessons. The day of the wedding takes place, and Prince Seong-nam bears mixed feelings knowing Cheong-ha stands on the Dowager’s side.

At night, Prince Seong-nam walks out on her. Meanwhile, Cho-wol comes to the palace entrance looking for the father of the child she’s carrying.

Under the Queen's Umbrella

Under The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 12 Musings

Prince Ui-seong is the first grandson that the Dowager held as she has said, but by her looks, it appears she already knows what’s the truth about his birth. It’s not that far to deduce that he’s a son of a man that Consort Hwang looks at with affectionate eyes, like Physician Kwon.

Though she is perceived to lack textbook knowledge, Cheong-ha is a woman with a good grasp of what’s just and fair. Her analogy for being a divorcee through the hairpin greatly serves as a reminder that being such doesn’t diminish a woman’s worth.

As she is young and full of energy, the Dowager may mistake that she can easily be used to her advantage. However, with Queen Hwa-ryeong’s support of her, she knows that Cheong-ha wouldn’t be easily swayed to harm the crown prince.

Master Toji is shown briefly to be devoted to instigating a rebellion. While he stands correct in shedding light on Crown Prince Taein’s death, disrupting a whole kingdom is rather destructive and inefficient to the masses.

Swamping new problems in the palace, Prince Seong-nam is set to figure out his mixed feelings about Cheong-ha as his wife knowing she stands by the Dowager. Moreover, Prince Mu-an’s road to fatherhood is also something to look forward to in the next episodes.

Under the Queen's Umbrella

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