The Sandman Is Getting A Second Season On Netflix
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The Sandman Is Getting A Second Season On Netflix

While most of the details surrounding this second season are being kept under wraps, we do have an idea of what might happen. According to Heinberg, at least one of the stories that could be told is “Season of Mists,” which centers around the Endless having to deal with a bunch of entities fighting over who gets to control Hell after the departure of Lucifer (Gwendoline Christie). It will also pick up the story of the failed relationship between Dream (Tom Sturridge, Ernest Kingsley Jr.) and the African queen Nada (Deborah Oyelade) introduced in the first season.

“A Game of You,” the fourth volume of the original series, could also be adapted due to the first season’s introduction of its main protagonist, Barbie (Lily Travers). If these plans end up being true, then we could expect that the series may not follow the original comics’ timeline as closely as the first season. If done right, this actually could be for the best, as one of the few negatives about “The Sandman” was the fact that its comic-like pacing didn’t translate well on-screen.

Alongside the aforementioned names, it is likely that Vivienne Acheampong, Patton Oswalt, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Mason Alexander Park, and Donna Preston will reprise their roles for the second season. We can also expect a slew of new faces to appear, and we can’t wait to see who else joins this madcap world.

“The Sandman” is currently streaming on Netflix.