“The Forbidden Marriage” Episode 11 Names A New Queen

“The Forbidden Marriage” Episode 11 Names A New Queen

Asserting their authority, the royal family makes a surprise move that their enemies won’t be able to counter in the penultimate episode of The Forbidden Marriage.

Through the marriage selection, Shin-won and Sorang also return to the palace.

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The Forbidden Marriage Episode 11 Highlights

Learning from Shin-won that anomalies are happening in the marriage selection, his most trusted friend and his cherished woman were summoned back to the palace. He made use of the tip Shin-won gave to strike a bargain with Queen Dowager.

“It only became clear when you were gone. That I cannot lose you ever again.”

Reunited with Sorang, he let go of his bridled emotions and kisses her with passion. Apologizing for the lie she made, Lee Heon spoke honestly of how worried he was when he thought he lost her. Back as lovers, they embrace each other tightly.

Meanwhile, Shin-won visits Hwa-yoon’s residence to speak with her father, Lord Sung, about the plan to capture the people behind executing bossam which previously targeted his daughter.

Using how her family saved his life, Hwa-yoon proposes to be a bait for his plan to push through. True to what she predicted; Minister Jo’s minions set forth to kidnap Hwa-yoon. Instead of her, Shin-won took her stead as a team of reinforcement arrives to corner Minister Jo’s men.

At the second qualification round for gantaek (marriage selection for the King), Lady Seo continues the backup plans she prepared prior to secure her daughter’s win. The tea served to the young ladies have been tampered with.

Hwa-yoon emerged as the winner gaining votes from her fellow competitors. However, Sorang who smelled the tea in the process of investigating was admonished by the queen as the culprit regardless of her explanation that she did not do it.

“Sometimes you have to risk your life to reveal the truth.”

Upon learning what happened to Sorang, Lee Heon rushes to where she is and even entered the jail himself. He learns the conversation Sorang had with Queen Dowager who had to use her so the people of the internal court would repent of their wrongdoings.

Offering her life to make the marriage selection proceed with honesty, her idea enraged Lee Heon who does not like her life being in the hands of Queen Dowager. She reassures her lover that capturing the culprit would unravel the deceit of the marriage selection.

Giving Minister Jo the task of investigating his kidnapping hound, Lee Heon watched the interrogation where he denounced strongly the filthy activities of the lead abductor. Going soft on his probing, Lee Heon steps in to emphasize that if he claims to be part of the organization doing bossam activities, severe punishment awaits not just him but his relatives.

Minister Jo again asked him about his allegiance to the organization, but his response shocks Lee Heon and Shin-won as he claims he is even the leader of the organization. Confessing heartless crimes unimaginable that occurred in the palace, Minister Jo sealed his win against Lee Heon as his hound willingly took the fall for all the atrocious acts, he instigated.

With his precious friend being held hostage, Shin-won is pumped up to get to the bottom of his investigation. Fortunately, Court Lady Won returns to the palace and shares she was successful in finding her husband and son. However, she saw them happily living with her sister so she decided to let them be.

“Out of so many places, why did you choose here? Today, we can’t. I’m too tired.”

Court Lady Won vows Sorang will not suffer the same fate as giving way to her younger sister as she plans to make a move to help her. And help she really did as the investigation of the court ladies claiming they were bribed by her came to an end and emancipated Sorang as well.

Finding Lee Heon at their glamping place, she went straight to his arms. Adorably she quips how they can’t do anything inside the tent since she’s still exhausted. He returns the joke by saying he was intending to warm her up making Sorang smile who honestly confessed she might succumb to her teasing.

Back at the villains’ lair, Lady Seo listens to Minister Jo’s ramble of how his plans are still on track since they laid the foundation well for Hyeon-seon.

At Aedaldang, Grandpa Gwaneg-yi also converses happily with the townspeople curious about who will emerge as the winner of the marriage selection. He meaningfully declares Sorang will live according to her fate to the worried Hae-young who thinks Sorang will not be in a good place once gantaek is done.

Maseoldan, the group of Seolos founded by Artist Jung and his managers, worries about the looming trouble that could happen at the ongoing gantaek. Quickly, they made use of Artist Jung’s popularity and published a novel that would raise awareness to ensure that gantaek will be successful. They invite avid readers who want to know the story’s ending to meet in front of the palace on the third qualifying round of the marriage selection.

“The new owner of the Queen’s palace is ye Hyeon-seon.”

Hwa-yoon receives the news that Sorang disappeared without a trace in the palace just as Lee Heon realized it and ordered a search for her.

Queen Dowager also meets Lord Ye and Lady Seo, but the latter was advised to wait and only her husband is allowed to enter. Conversing with Lord Ye about his eldest daughter, Queen Dowager seems to be brewing something.

On the day of the declaration of the new queen, the people staging protest were invited to enter the palace to hear the announcement along with the government officials and nobles. Finally explaining the reason behind the marriage ban, Lee Heon gives the stage to Queen Dowager who announces Ye Hyeon-seon as the next queen.

Sorang’s step-sister moves to the stage but the real Ye Hyeon-seon also does the same.

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 11 Musings

Reclaiming her name at a perfect time, we appreciate Queen Dowager’s firm grasp of the situation to plan a fitting love story for her grandson.

We can assume that through her conversation with Lord Ye, she confirmed her suspicion about the tragic fate that befell Sorang. Her grace and wisdom led to a marriage selection that would be greatly appreciated by Lee Heon.

Looking at the final episode, we can only wish for the rightful punishment to the people who conspired against Lee Heon through the marriage ban. Of course, given how they’ve been expertly vaunting evil ploys, we can’t rule out what final attempt to contend they still have.

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