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Supernatural drama “Spirits at School” premieres

“Spirits at School? is a new supernatural teen drama series that follows a teenager trapped in the afterlife who decides to investigate her own death along with other ghosts that inhabit her high school. It is now available on the Paramount+ platform .

In the eight-episode plot, the young actress Peyton List -known for her role in the popular strip “Cobra Kai”- is Maddie Nears, a diligent student at Split River High School with a complex childhood who, from one moment to the next, He finds himself in the underworld within the limits of the school while, in the realm of the living, he makes headlines as a result of his mysterious disappearance.

menem and his family

While dealing with her inevitable inclusion in a kind of help group of spirits that meet in one of the school rooms, the protagonist will try to rebel against the resigned and secure attitude of her new acquaintances and will do everything possible to discover who she is. murdered and why, starting with her boyfriend and prime suspect, Xavier (Spencer MacPherson).

In the middle of her mission, Maddie will learn that she can communicate with some living people in certain parts of the school, which allows her to enlist the interdimensional help of her best friends, Simon (Kristian Flores) and Nicole (Kiara Pichardo).

Throughout the story, the teenager will not only reveal the murky answers, lies, and secrets surrounding her death and those of other cases that occurred in the Split River, but she will also go through a personal journey that will lead her to rethink all her ties. and the reality in which it existed.

Produced by Awesomeness Live-Action studios, the strip also features Sarah Yarkin, Nick Pugliese and Rainbow Wedell in its cast, with guest appearances by Josh Zuckerman and Maria Dizzia, among more.