Ryan Reynolds Disagrees That Superhero Movies Don’t Have Enough Sex
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Ryan Reynolds Disagrees That Superhero Movies Don’t Have Enough Sex

As the most consistently bankable genre in the industry, superhero movies also tend to be the most chaste. You’re not going to get wild scenes of lovemaking in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the more family-friendly entries in the DCU, but Ryan Reynolds will not stand for the entire genre being pigeonholed as sexless.

One of the most inadvertently hilarious examples came with Eternals, which drummed up plenty of buzz and hype for featuring the very first instance of onscreen copulation in the MCU’s history. In the end, Richard Madden’s Ikaris and Gemma Chan’s Sersi knocking boots was about as dry as the landscape they did the deed on, but Deadpool himself has offered a hilarious counterpoint.

For whatever reason, Reynolds waited almost an entire year before offering his take on Stephen Soderbergh’s entirely well-founded criticisms of comic book adaptations being almost entirely devoid of eroticism. That being said, the actor and producer’s long-delayed response was well worth the wait.

Obviously, Deadpool had a bit more leeway given that it was a hard R-rated production hailing from 20th Century Fox, but we could see Kevin Feige allowing the shackles to be thrown off in the upcoming threequel. The MCU may have been a staunchly PG-13 operation for the first decade and a half of its existence, but that simply isn’t going to fly when it comes to the Merc with a Mouth.

Morena Baccarin’s Vanessa may or may not end up being involved, but she’s obviously still capable of being weaponized in an internet debate.