Reports Suggest Sydney Sweeney’s ‘Madame Web’ Role Has Been Revealed
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Reports Suggest Sydney Sweeney’s ‘Madame Web’ Role Has Been Revealed

Images via David Livingston/Getty Images/Marvel Comics

Another report seems to confirm what many have thought for some time: that Sydney Sweeney will be playing Julia Carpenter in the upcoming Madame Web film for Sony.

The actress was confirmed to have a role in the film back in March 2022, which led to many believing she could possibly play Black Cat. Later rumors suggested she would be taking on the role of Julia Carpenter, which many had originally thought was going to be played by lead actress Dakota Johnson after pictures emerged from the set of her in the character’s long red jacket. This would appear not to be the case anymore, as Johnson is playing Madame Web herself, with the rumors surrounding Sweeney’s character only intensifying.

The latest gossip comes from industry insider Jeff Sneider whilst he was talking on the podcast The Hot Mic, where he often enlightens movie lovers on the secrets that studios have been keeping close to their chest.

“I’m told that she is, as rumored I guess, playing Spider-Woman. Now there are a couple of different Spider Women, she has been rumored to play the second one… something Carpenter… I think that Sydney Sweeney is a great choice for a big role like that. Obviously, she is huge with Euphoria, it sounds like she has real acting chops, she’s getting reviews for the movie Reality where she plays reality winner which got acquired by HBO… I’ve been told, reliably, that she is playing Spider-Woman.”

Sweeney is part of a star-studded cast with Johnson in the lead along with Adam Scott, Emma Roberts, and Isabel Merced. Along with Johnson’s Madame Web casting, we know that Scott will be playing a young Ben Parker (Peter Parker’s uncle) according to IMDB, Emma Roberts is down to play Mary Parker, with Merced also playing another Spider-Woman character, Aña Corazón.

Sony has yet to confirm that Sweeney is indeed playing the web-slinging Julia Carpenter.

Amidts delays and pushbacks it is expected to swing its way into theatres next year on Feb. 16, 2024.