“Reborn Rich” Episodes 12 and 13 Overturn an Unexpected Tide with a Revised Will

“Reborn Rich” Episodes 12 and 13 Overturn an Unexpected Tide with a Revised Will

Bound to happen, Chairman Jin passes away and Do-jun inherits nothing in Reborn Rich.

Still able to hold out for the board meeting, Chairman Jin witnesses Do-jun becoming the CEO of Soonyang Financial Holding Company. However, as Do-jun reaches success with the launch of Apollo, the chairman passes away.

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Reborn Rich Episodes 12 and 13 Highlights

“People can forgive someone who killed their father, but they can’t forgive someone who squandered their money.”

Do-jun warns Seong-jun that their grandfather is secretly watching while pretending to be in a coma. Pressured with that, Seong-jun votes for the establishment of the holding company, however, he nominates his father Young-ki as the CEO. 

Chairman Jin walks in at the right time, and influences the board in voting for Do-jun as its CEO. Despite pretending to be well, Chairman Jin’s declining health shows and Do-jun saves him. 

Tracing who instigated their murder, Chairman Jin’s wife, Lee Pil-ok’s seal proves her as the suspect. However, in the middle of confronting his wife, Chairman Jin’s condition shows, so Pil-ok takes him home.

Aware of his grandmother’s secret, Do-jun strikes a deal with her of keeping the chairman’s condition a secret in exchange for his silence about her instigation of murder. He then asks Min-yeong to drop the investigation of their car accident.

“If you have eyes, look, and if you have ears, listen.”

Using his knowledge of the year 2002, Do-jun uses the world cup in the marketing strategy of Apollo, Soonyang’s compact car. He is doubted by many, but Do-jun remains sure of handling this project.

Chairman Jin informs Do-jun of his plans of selling Soonyang Motors, but Do-jun stops him from doing so by betting on leaving it to him if their country’s team reaches the semifinals. Recognizing how Do-jun cares the most about him, Chairman Jin requests to revise his will.

Just as how the world cup happens, Soonyang thrives with their ads as their country secures a series of wins. Do-jun succeeds and they reach a record of selling most cars in the shortest time. 

Excited to tell the news, Do-jun sees his grandfather passed out on the floor after hearing his grandmother panic.

“No matter how much money or power they have, there should be some things that they can’t do. You can’t always get your way with everything.”

With the death of Chairman Jin, Young-ki questions Mr. Lee why his father changed his will. Calling it the chairman’s last choice for Soonyang, the announcement of the will shock everyone with Do-jun left with nothing.

Knowing somehow the chairman’s condition before his death, Hyeon-min speculates about Do-jun who was the last one who saw him before dying.

Mr. Oh worries about Miracle’s losses, but Do-jun feels the same frustration as he also didn’t expect his grandfather’s revised will. In that, he recalls his grandfather falling in a flat line after telling him he won their bet.

Hwa-young proposes to swap shares with Do-jun, and Yoon-ki informs his son about it while persuading him to unveil the footage in the chairman’s hospital room. However, Do-jun orders the footage to be deleted, and calculates the needed shares from his grandmother to secure his management rights.

Min-yeong investigates Sim Gallery, which involves Lee Pil-ok. Protecting Min-yeong from being harmed again, Do-jun warns his grandmother. 

Cornered in the investigation for instigating murder, Pil-ok hands her shares to Do-jun. Young-ki learns the reason behind that, and confronts his mother. Making a move for Seong-jun, Young-ki reports it to Min-yeong.

Reborn Rich Episodes 12 and 13 Musings

Building a vivid atmosphere, Song Joong Ki and Lee Sung Min aced in portraying what it’s like to look after someone with declining cognitive functions.

To even a person who has achieved a lot in his lifetime, death is inevitable. Despite his preparations, Chairman Jin, whose time is up, leaves his family in turmoil due to his revised will.

It was indeed baffling to see Do-jun was left with nothing in his will. Contrary to how Chairman Jin acts and speaks of Do-jun, his will reflects none of his appreciation of how his youngest grandson looked after him and the empire he built.

For his children, it’s a chance to prove themselves, but for Do-jun it is a new challenge in acquiring Soonyang Group. However, this does not close the doors of opportunity for Do-jun, since he could still go down the route of buying Soonyang, instead of merely inheriting it.

Unlike what most have expected, Seong-jun isn’t the one who instigated the murder of Chairman Jin and Do-jun. Lee Pil-ok, the wife of the chairman, has been pointed as the instigator as well as the person with a slush fund. With all these recent developments, we learn possible hints about the truth of Do-jun’s death in his past life as Hyeon-woo.

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