“Reborn Rich” Episode 9 Weighs the Losses Caused by Incompetency

“Reborn Rich” Episode 9 Weighs the Losses Caused by Incompetency

Stubborn in her stock investment, Hwa-young gets investigated for embezzlement in Reborn Rich.

Do-jun tips Min-yeong about his aunt’s embezzlement, but Hwa-young reverses the table, calling it a false report to facilitate a hostile takeover.

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Reborn Rich

Reborn Rich Episode 9 Highlights

“You’re more than worth your salt.”

With everyone panicking over the Y2K bug, Do-jun assures his grandfather that nothing would happen. True to his words, Chairman Jin earns more money after Soonyang’s risky promotional insurance event.

Aware of what will happen with New Data Technology, Do-jun advises Mr. Oh to sell their stocks in it. Believing it could go higher, Hwa-young suffers losses and risks losing Soonyang department store.

Min-yeong becomes a prosecutor, but only magazine appearances get assigned to her, not cases. Do-jun meets with her and asks her to handle the embezzlement case in Soonyang department store using his tip-off.

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“Let me use a third-generation heir to realize justice.”

Taking on the case, Min-yeong begins an investigation and her team suspects that Soonyang Deco is a paper company.

Chang-je fumes at Hwa-young, refusing to save her from her mess. Advised to beg her father, Hwa-young goes to Miracle Investment.

Acquiring 30% of Hwa-young’s shares, Mr. Oh offers to give the 140 million dollars she needs in exchange for another 25% of shares in Soonyang department store. She walks out on Mr. Oh, and tries asking for help from her nephew, but Do-jun does not submit to her pleas.

Devastated by the events, Dong-ki offers Hwa-young to save her in exchange for her shares in the department store. However, Hwa-young also declines.

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“Poverty has compound interest.”

Running out of people to ask for help, Hwa-young begs on her knees to Chairman Jin, but her requests get ignored. In turn, Hyeon-min accompanies her to the prosecution and tells her that the prosecutor handling is Do-jun’s former law classmate.

Confident with what Hyeon-min said, Hwa-young denies the embezzlement case. She reverses the story calling the tip a false report to enable a hostile takeover.

Min-yeong then receives a call that Soonyang Deco is real, not a paper company. Wondering what happened, Do-jun hears from Min-yeong that nothing was proven. 

Answering Min-yeong’s question, Do-jun tells her that he chose her since he knows her well. However, Min-yeong responds to him that he lied.

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“They say time is fair to everyone. However, time isn’t fair. Just like everything else in this world.”

Unfazed by the protests, Hwa-young blames the poor people for being poor. Do-jun calls her out of being lucky to be born with privilege.

Remembering his past life, Do-jun recalls giving up college after seeing his family’s situation, wherein his father had to steal cans of tuna for them to eat.

Claiming what his grandfather owes him, Do-jun requests Chairman Jin to hold a board meeting for Soonyang department store. Threatened with the board meeting for her dismissal, Hwa-young pushes Director Im to take the fall. 

Despite having agreed to it, Do-jun persuades Director Im to point the embezzlement to Hwa-young. At the board meeting, Hwa-young continues to deny the embezzlement.

Do-jun loses confidence after learning that Director Im becomes missing. Walking into the board meeting, Min-yeong announces that she has proof that the report she received was false.

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Reborn Rich Episode 9 Musings

Hwa-young brought it herself to ruins even though Do-jun already foresaw how she will act as an investor in the stock market. Gladly her husband and father took off their hands on her case.

Rich people like her never learn their lesson especially when they know they can easily bail their way out. How she sees and blames poor people for their situation just proves the point of how out of touch she is.

Do-jun’s words about poverty capture the experience accurately. The way his past was written deserves merit as it expounds on various factors why the poor remain poor.

Moreover, the depiction of how he burnt his test permit bears a lot of meaning. The irony goes right when he chooses to give up on college and start working. Contrary to the idea that working would make you rich, a college degree still becomes a roadblock to others’ promotions and opportunities.

Now that Seo Min-yeong walked into the board meeting, the question of whether the tables will reverse on Do-jun could be anticipated. Involved in that case, Miracle Investment is also set to be affected moving forward.

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