‘Quantumania’ Star Reveals Which MCU Mind He’d Love To Read the Most
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‘Quantumania’ Star Reveals Which MCU Mind He’d Love To Read the Most

It’s one of those questions people often ask if you could have one of these abilities which would it be: invisibility, flight, or reading minds? Well, William Jackson Harper got the chance to pretend he had one of those with his character in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania able to read minds. Now a new question is posed, whose mind would you want to read the most?

Harper plays Quaz in the film, a Quantum Realm inhabitant who has the ability to read minds though he isn’t overly enthusiastic about the fact. Quaz is one of the Freedom Fighters fighting back against Kang’s brutal regime alongside Jentorra, Veb, and Xolum, though we don’t really see as much as we would like of the mind-reading character or his efforts to fight against Kang.

Speaking with Collider, Harper discussed which other Marvel superhero’s mind he would like to read the most should his character ever make a return in the MCU.

“If Quaz could come back I would love for him to try to read, probably, is it Mantis? Yeah, she’s fascinating. That character is really fascinating to me.”

She would certainly have an interesting mind given that her own powers are not too dissimilar. She cannot read thoughts but she can read emotions, if Quax read her mind would that allow him to access the emotions of everyone she is near as well? Like a powered piggyback.

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It isn’t really her powers that interest Harper though, with the actor explaining,

“There’s been some hints at some things that she’s buried, they come up in certain ways, and so for a character and for a person that’s so beguiling in their way, I’d really be curious as to what that is because it doesn’t seem like she’s tortured, but it doesn’t seem like everything has been sunshine and roses either.”

We don’t yet know if Quaz will ever make a return within the MCU, perhaps he, along with other Quantum Realm residents, may make their way up to the big wide world at some point. Now that Kang’s reign of terror there is over, the actor muses over what Quaz might do once peace is finally established, saying,

“He’d probably just be somewhere in the Quantum forest by himself where he can get some real peace and quiet. Just away. Just silently reading and meditating.”

You can catch Harper in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania still in theatres.