PRESS CONFERENCE: Park Jinyoung Talks About Future Solo Plans

PRESS CONFERENCE: Park Jinyoung Talks About Future Solo Plans

Looking smart and dapper, Park Jinyoung impressed the Philippine media at his recent fan concert press conference.

Presented by Pulp Live World, the 2023 PARK JINYOUNG FANCONCERTRendezvous‘ was held on February 26.

Before meeting his excited fans, the singer-actor greeted local press people to answer interesting questions about his career and life in general.

Carving his presence as a music artist, Jinyoung has also solidified his foundation as a bankable actor. Debuted in 2012, he reveals the most noticeable change from his debut years is how he speaks Seoul dialect better now than before.

He adds that he has grown taller and has bulked up compared to his younger years.

Actively working on numerous small and big screen projects, he recently starred in The Devil Judge, Yumi’s Cells, and Christmas Carol.

When asked about his challenging portrayal so far, he honestly confessed how he cannot assess the most challenging role. On that note, he mentions how Witch, the current drama he is filming is difficult. He has been putting a lot of effort into it.

“Honestly speaking, I cannot just specify which role was the most challenging. Because some of them looked simple in the beginning but they became challenging as I was building the character, so I find all roles difficult.”

Curious about what kind of characters he wants to do in the future? Jinyoung aims to play as many roles as he can.

“To be frank, I want to play all the roles. Because, although all characters look similar, as an actor who actually acts out the characters, they all have their own charm so I want to try all roles, and I also want to play a character that is around my age.”

Multi-talented, Park Jinyoung like his GOT7 brothers has pursued a solo career in music. Amusing the media crowd, he remarked that the preparation time being shortened was the best thing. Obliged to give a proper answer after his adorable quip, he says feeling lonely sometimes so it’s enjoyable to be with the rest of the members.

Going candid, he reveals the role model he wants to meet. He conveys how as a junior he looks up to a lot of senior artists. Thankfully, he gets more opportunities for that to happen, and every time he is happy. He shares that recently he met Lee Byung Hun, and he was delighted about that meeting.

Truly grateful for the blessings he received, he gives the sweetest answer to his unforgettable encounter in life.

“I have not been performing in concerts for the past two years. Well, I did perform last year (in Korea) when GOT7 released a new album, but as I performed after a long break, that memory hit me really big. Performing right in front of the fans.”

As the last GOT7 member who visited the Philippines, he echoes the same passion as his fellow members to meet the Filipino Ahgases. Acknowledging it has been a while that he communicated with the fans in the Philippines, he was moved by the fact that the fans willingly wait for a long time.

“I really want to show my gratitude towards the fans who are always waiting, and I really wish to have a concert again together with my GOT7 members in the Philippines and have a fun performance.”

Wrapping up the Q&A session, Jinyoung also rolls out his future activities.

“First is the Fancon in the Philippines today. Then the concert in Taiwan after 2 days. For now, I would like to complete the two events successfully. Also, I want to do my best for the drama that I am shooting right now, until the end. Those are my plans.”

Leaving a special message to the fans, he thanked Filipino Ahgase for his unwavering love and support.

“I want to thank Philippines Ahgase for waiting for me for such a long time although I was not able to come here for a long time. To make up for the years that we have not met, I want to communicate with the fans by always showing new aspects of me. And thank you always, and I will most definitely come back.”

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#PARKJINYOUNGinMNL2023 Media Conference highlights:

• He looks smart and dapper as he greeted the members of the press

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