Pedro Pascal Recieves Praise for Declining to Read “Thirst Tweets”
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Pedro Pascal Recieves Praise for Declining to Read “Thirst Tweets”

Pedro Pascal may be the internet’s daddy (or zaddy in some cases) but he too has his limits, just like every other celebrity. While he’s willing to challenge other celebrities for the title, or twerk with clickers for SNL, a recent video that’s circulating on social media is a good reminder to treat the guy with respect, especially if you’re fortunate enough to interview him on the red carpet.

Twitter user @jarinluck shared a video that was posted on Access Hollywood’s TikTok account. In it, Pascal is asked if he was willing to read “a few thirst tweets” found on the internet. Pascal glanced at it only for him to smile and decline. He also commented on how “dirty” the tweets were.

This video didn’t sit well with fans on Twitter and TikTok, suggesting fans are tiring of mainstream media sexualizing the guy in every interview. Not to mention, this request happened during the red carpet premiere of The Mandalorian season three, a Disney production, making question seem doubly inappropriate.

Pascal was praised for setting boundaries for himself, especially now after the internet has become infatuated with him. They also found the situation very “cringe” because who would use their access to a red carpet premiere for a successful TV series just to try to create an uncomfortable situation?

when will they give it a rest :/ it’s incredibly disrespectful – ESPECIALLY at the Mando launch event.

— Carly King (@bigdaddyankee) March 2, 2023

There are now calls to tone down the over-sexualization of Pedro Pascal. Yes, he’s attractive and he’s a very talented actor, but there should be a limit. Fans are now feeling bad for the guy for being pestered to do read out sexually-charged thirst tweets during interviews. While Pascal has not addressed this situation, nor did he voice if he has ever felt uncomfortable when faced with these kinds of requests, fans hoped that the actor would be treated professionally one day rather than as just another heartthrob to get fans screaming.

free pedro from these people…why not ask him about something else like idk maybe his fucking career and the roles he’s played instead of doing this weird ass shit???

— ♡ daffy duck ♡ (@neianasty) March 3, 2023

I will finally know peace when interviewers start acting professional with Pedro. This whole thing has gone way too far and it’s just harassment at this point. Why is it so hard to just ask him about upcoming projects instead of do this at a DISNEY premiere

— Jack (-_•) (@captaincupkicks) March 3, 2023

So PSA to everyone who gets the chance to meet Pascal either on the red carpet or somewhere on the street: don’t make things weird and just treat him like a normal human being. It’s the most courteous thing you could do.