“Our Blooming Youth” Foreshadows Conflicts That Would Tangle The Lives Of Park Hyung Sik and Jeon So Nee

“Our Blooming Youth” Foreshadows Conflicts That Would Tangle The Lives Of Park Hyung Sik and Jeon So Nee

In Our Blooming Youth, two incidents entwined the characters to be portrayed by Park Hyung Sik and Jeon So Nee.

Our Blooming Youth, a new Monday-Tuesday shows on tvN, is a mysterious theme drama that tells the story of a cursed prince while also investigating a family murder case, in which a brilliant girl is identified as the culprit. It also depicts a youth vindication romance. 

“Our Blooming Youth” Bares The Tense-Turned-Affable Relationship Between Park Hyung Sik and Jeon So Nee

Lee Hwan, who will be played by Park Hyung Sik is a Joseon Crown Prince with a handsome face but a harsh and arrogant personality. He has all the perfect qualities including superb martial arts skills and outstanding intelligence that has an eidetic memory. But then, a mysterious curse bound him.

Facing a series of crises while questioning who is responsible for the curse, he works with Min Jae-yi (Jeon So Nee) to uncover the truth for the sake of mutual survival.

Foretelling the inevitable meeting between a man and a woman who must save each other against fate, Our Blooming Youth reveals key events to note when the series premieres.

First, Crown Prince Lee Hwan who assumed his position due to the death of his older brother receives an unknown curse from a “book of ghosts”. Coming from nowhere, it prophesies that a great disaster will come to him.

To make matters worse, the opposition who holds the power of the court is busy discussing the qualities of Lee Hwan, who suddenly became crown prince, and is busy trying to find a way to expel him. If the contents of the ghost’s book are revealed, his position will be even more precarious.

Lee Hwan, who has hidden a secret deep in his heart, plans to fight desperately in the palace like a thin ice sheet to find the culprit who sent the ghost book to him.

Will he be able to protect himself from the curse till the end?

Next, Min Jae-yi was falsely accused of murdering his relative. From there, she runs for her dear life.

She runs everywhere, even dressing as a man in search of evidence to prove her innocence to escape her sudden fugitive life.

It is curious why Jae-yi who is chasing the truth of the murder case, went to meet Crown Prince Lee Hwan.

Our Blooming Youth premieres on February 6, 8:50 PM on tvN.

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