November 2022 Korean Dramas: “The Fabulous”, “The First Responders”, “Reborn Rich” “Weak Hero” and More

November 2022 Korean Dramas: “The Fabulous”, “The First Responders”, “Reborn Rich” “Weak Hero” and More

We’re on the last batch of K-Drama coverage this season!

Wrapping up, November 2022 Korean dramas highlight comebacks from top-tier and reliable actors and actresses. Dominated by workplace, fantasy, drama and romance genres; the roster would surely make our year-end special.

Make sure to keep tabs on the latest dramas coming up in November 2022 Korean dramas!

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Coming Up: November 2022 Korean Dramas

The Fabulous | Nov 4

Depicting the story of young people in their 30’s thriving vibrantly in the colorful fashion world, the fierce survival in the cutthroat industry will be highlighted. Additionally, glimpses of their resplendent daily lives will also be featured.

In The Fabulous, Chae Soo Bin plays the role of Pyo Ji-eun, a manager at a PR agency for luxury brands, and portrays a bold woman filled with passion and pride for her work. Choi Min Ho plays the role of a freelance retoucher Ji Woo-min, who has always been indifferent but starts to grow as he learns more about his dreams and love.

“The Fabulous” Previews The Glitzy and Glamorous World of Fashion

Behind Every Star | Nov 7

The new workplace drama chronicles the office adventures of four celebrity managers of an entertainment company. Behind Every Star is based on a popular French drama of the same name. Helming the project is director Baek Seung-ryong (SNL Korea) with writer Park So-young (Summer Strike) penning the script.

In the drama, Lee Seo Jin (Times), Kwak Sun Young (Hospital Playlist 2), Seo Hyun Woo (Flower of Evil) and Joo Hyun Young (Extraordinary Attorney Woo) work as professional managers of the top celebrities in Korea at Method Entertainment.

“Behind Every Star” Parades Teasers Illustrating Realities of Celebrity Managers

Revenge of Others | Nov 9

Teen revenge thriller drama Revenge of Others is a Disney+ original series that follows the story of a girl named Chan-mi pursuing the truth of her twin brother’s death. Moreover, the drama also tells the story of Soo-heon, a boy whose life gets entangled in a binding incident while seeking revenge against a world full of injustice.

The series stars Shin Ye Eun, Lomon, Seo Ji Hoon, Chae Sang Woo, Lee Soo Min, and Jung Soo Bin.

“Revenge of Others” Commands Attention With Lead Stars Striking Posters

Summer Strike | Nov 11

Adapted from Joo Young-Hyun’s romance webtoon series, “I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything”, Summer Strike sees Kim Seolhyun take on the role of protagonist Yeoreum, while Im Si-Wan plays her love interest, Daebum.

A story of healing, Summer Strike depicts the story of Yeoreum, who suffers from burnout from her work and a series of unfortunate circumstances in her relationships. Desiring to do nothing, she takes a strike against life and moves from the cityscapes of Seoul to a small beach village known as Angok.

In Angok, she meets librarian Daebum, who suffered a similar life as Yeoreum, and they grow close through numerous incidents that bond them together. This pulls them closer, with Yeoreum finding her inner self through Daebum and healing her wounds of the past.

“Summer Strike” Pitches Character Stills and Sketches Featuring Kim Seolhyun and Im Si Wan

The First Responders | Nov 12

The First Responders chronicles the joint cooperation of police officers and firefighters in urgent situations involving crimes, accidents and fires. It stars Kim Rae Won, Son Ho Jun and Gong Seung Yeon.

Additionally, it heightens expectations since it is the first series in Korea to present a story in which police and fire departments cooperate to respond to violent events involving crime, disaster, and emergency.

Above all, the series attracts attention for its formidable cast and showrunners. Writer Min Ji Eun penned the lauded two seasons of Partners for Justice. Meanwhile, Director Shin Kyung Soo helmed Nokdu Flower, 3 Days and Tree With Deep Roots.

“The First Responders” Unveils Character Posters of Kim Rae Won, Son Ho Jun and Gong Seung Yeon

Reborn Rich | Nov 18

Reborn Rich chronicles the story of a devoted secretary of a chaebol family who was framed for fund embezzlement. He dies but he got a rebirth as the youngest son of the rich conglomerate company.

To be directed by Jeong Dae Yoon (W, I’m Not A Robot), the script will be penned by Kim Tae Hee (Designated Survivor 60 Days, Sungkyunkwan Scandal) with JTBC Studio backing up the project. It is based on a web novel of the same name.

Challenging another imaginatively conceived role, Song Joong Ki suits up as the main character, Yoon Hyun-woo. He is falsely accused of being disloyal to the Sunyang family and is thrown away.

“Reborn Rich” Displays Disharmonious Relationship Between Song Joong Ki and Lee Sung Min

Somebody | Nov 18

Renowned director Jung Ji Woo marks his first drama series in Somebody. The series takes a thrilling narrative that intertwines the lives of a social connecting app developer her friends and an architectural designer.

Somebody stars Kim Young Kwang (Hello Me!, The Guardians), Kang Hae Lim (Live On), Ki Yong Ji (Tale of the Nine-Tailed, The King: Eternal Monarch) and rookie actress Kim Soo Yeon.

Netflix Series “Somebody” Intrigues With Eerie Relationship Story

Weak Hero | Nov 18

Directed and written by Yoon So-min, the series depicts the journey of a young man with a brilliant mind who fights against numerous violence with his two friends. It provides an action-growth drama about a weak young man.

uiting up as the main character of the series Yeon Si-eun is Park Jihoon. Si-eun fights violence to survive in a jungle-like school. Portraying his friends in the series are actors Choi Hyun Wook and Hong Kyung.

“Weak Hero” Introduces Lead Characters Portrayed By Park Jihoon, Choi Hyun Wook and Hong Kyung

Please Send The Fan Letter | Nov 26

MBC’s new weekend drama, Please Send The Fan Letter anticipates an endearing love story between a top star and a father who will do anything for his daughter.

The series won the Excellence Award at the 2021 MBC Drama Script Competition. It was praised for portraying the show business world sensibly and refreshingly.

Please Send The Fan Letter will run in a romantic comedy tone about an actress who is facing the biggest crisis in her life and a man who has to protect her daughter’s fan spirit by replying to a fake fan letter.

“Please Send The Fan Letter” Previews A Cheerful and Warm Family Starring Choi Sooyoung and Yoon Park

Please Send The Fan Letter kdramadiary

Unlock The Boss | Nov 30

Based on a webtoon of the same name, the series chronicles the story of a boss who gets trapped in his smartphone and an intern who picked up the CEO’s mobile phone.

Correspondingly, the webtoon received great love at the time of its serialization for its unique material and dynamic development that crosses comedy and thriller. Collaborating as the creative team of the series are director Lee Chul-ha (Okay Madam!) and Kim Myung-min who co-wrote Netflix’s Sweet Home.

Drawing life to Park In-seong, a student on a training job, is Chae Jong Hyeop. His life turns upside down when he picks up a cryptic mobile phone. Born with a less-privileged life, he has lived a hard life yet he has not accomplished anything.

Chae Jong Hyeop, Seo Eun Soo, and Park Sung Woong Banner ENA’s New Thriller Comedy “Unlock The Boss”

Unlock The Boss

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