“May I Help You” Episode 6 Reassures That Any Amount of Kindness and Love Go A Long Way

“May I Help You” Episode 6 Reassures That Any Amount of Kindness and Love Go A Long Way

The friendship and connection between Tae-hee and Dong-joo continue to improve in the 6th episode of May I Help You.

Opening up to each other on random things about themselves, they also seize the moments to be there for each other to help and encourage, or just do what one of them suddenly wants to do.

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May I Help You Episode 6 Highlights

Bonding over drinks after getting on each other’s bad sides, Tae-hee vocally admires Dong-joo’s job. He genuinely empathizes with how lonely she must have been suffering all those subtle and direct disdain she had received.

Barely getting back to the house, Tae-hee exhausted himself carrying Dong-joo and ends up staying the night with her. Confirming that they only slept the whole night, they also seal being on each other’s good side.

They further cement it when Dong-joo asked for Tae-hee’s help to bring her clothes since her father arrived at Noryangin for a visit. Because Dong-joo’s father has met Tae-hee a lot of times, they all end up eating together.

Going back home, Dong-joo shared little details about herself like how she used to play badminton. But Tae-hee hides the truth of how he is a doctor.

May I Help You

“Thank you for not taking pity on me because I don’t have a mother. Thank you for being compassionate and loving to me.”

Finding a shed when the rain suddenly poured, Dong-joo shared a story of how she used to pray to her mom when she was young whenever it rained. In times when the rain won’t stop, her best friend Sora and her grandmother who dotes on her sweetly like her own saved her as well by bringing an umbrella. A few moments later, Tae-hee comes back with an umbrella which made Dong-joo smile.

Back at Sora’s house, she’s also talking to her grandmother recounting the days when they bring her an umbrella together. Subtly whining about her suspicion that her best friend has a man, grandma breezily blabs how there’s always a realization moment for a woman when she finally found “the one”.

The next day, Dong-joo rushes to the funeral home emotionally crying. Tae-hee drives her and learns that the grandma who took care of her well passed away.

Surviving a painful day at work, Dong-joo meets Tae-hee in front of the house. He praises her for doing a great job and tells her to say everything she has to say to grandma tomorrow as it is the scheduled day for grandma to be put inside the coffin.

“Love is an amazing feeling. There’s nothing more precious than that in this world. When it’s hard and tiring, you remember those memories to endure for the rest of your life.”

The next day, Dong-joo clips grandma’s nails as Sora felt bad not being able to do that when she was asked by grandma to do it. Appeasing Dong-joo who silently cries and pleads for her not to go, she also tells her of the special gift she prepared for when Sora gets married.

Giving her final words to find her match, grandma wipes away her tears telling how happy she is that Dong-joo will be sending her off. Leaving warm words to fall in love so she can endure life when it is hard, Dong-joo heeds her advice.

“The times I waited for Sora’s grandpa, keeping the cooked rice warm. I go past the town entrance to greet him coming home on a bicycle. Then he would pull out roasted chestnuts from his clothes that he kept in there so it won’t get cold from the long way home. We would eat them together. And you live thanks to those tiny moments. Those memories will never, ever be forgotten or disappear. Whether it rains or pours, live your life loving. Soon, there will be a time you will recognize him. That miraculous moment will come to you.”

“Daebak! You got a 5800-won stuffed toy!”

At the supposed movie bonding time with Vincent and Hae-an, the two bailed out at the last minute. Deciding to proceed as planned, Dong-joo and Tae-hee play arcade games and see a movie. After their spontaneous date, the rain pours again. But instead of waiting for Tae-hee to get an umbrella, Dong-joo happily lets herself be drenched by the rain.

They reach the house and Tae-hee shares that he’s not really fond of the rain. Just then, his ex-fiancée calls his attention.

May I Help You Episode 6 Musings

Struggling to finish this episode of May I Help You is expected because of how poignant the sending-off scene is. Especially since one of resident K-Dramaland’s favorite grandmothers, Kim Young Ok graced the moment with her beautiful appearance.

That “you live because of those tiny moments” anecdote shared by grandma would pierce through people even those with love reservations. Beautifully captured, this side story surely would linger with viewers for deviating from the usual “if only moments” featured so far from most side stories in the series.

Notably, it also aligns with how the lead pair is emotionally getting in synch. Dong-joo whose requirement is to be accepted as she is and not be pitied found solace when aside from getting a friend in Sora, she also got a grandmother who also unconditionally loved her.

Clearing past misunderstandings, Tae-hee, likewise, sees through the hardship of Dong-joo and becomes her supporter, eventually.

Emotionally leaving an inspiring message of how memories become small joys as we grow old, the story continues its healing and addicting hook. And we’re definitely up for more of those consoling moments.

Moving forward, the introduction of a woman from Tae-hee’s past hints at a game-changer that would bring a clear label to the modestly blossoming emotional connection between Dong-joo and Tae-hee.

Join Butler Kim and Dong-joo in their journey of granting wishes to departed ones in May I Help You. International fans can watch on Prime Video.

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