Marvel’s Armor Wars Became a Movie When It Got ‘Too Big’ To Stream
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Marvel’s Armor Wars Became a Movie When It Got ‘Too Big’ To Stream

While none of the aforementioned characters have been confirmed for “Armor Wars” apart from, of course, Rhodey as War Machine, the story vision does seem to involve some crossover that can be hard to manage in the TV show. Moore explains:

“We realized as a feature, not only could we get into some of the beautiful imagery from publishing, and of course there’s ‘Armor Wars,’ but there’s also a way to capitalize on that movie idea and influence other movies down the line.”

Does a bigger budget mean bigger guest stars and crossovers? Maybe so. It also seems to mean cooler technology. “When you talk about a show wanting to see all the cool armor and Don Cheadle interacting with all this armor and, sort of, Tony Stark’s legacy, it becomes kind of a cost barrier to doing as a show,” Moor shared. The plot of “Armor Wars” in the comics begins with a rogue tech hunt, as Stark and Rhodey discover that several Marvel supervillains are using Stark Industries’ technology to further their criminal agenda.

While Moore hasn’t divulged too many other details about “Armor Wars,” I highly recommend listening to the entire podcast. I was as skeptical of the MCU as I was a fan at this point, but the producer’s enthusiasm was infectious and he made a pretty convincing case that no matter how big the studio is, the people behind the scenes are still first and foremost creating their stories. ‘back to and like geek know about. You can listen to it here while waiting for “Armor Wars,” which doesn’t have a set release date yet.