“Kokdu: Season of Deity” Episodes 3 and 4 Start a Fast-paced Relationship

“Kokdu: Season of Deity” Episodes 3 and 4 Start a Fast-paced Relationship

From its wobbly launch, Kokdu: Season of Deity dropped a fascinating 2nd week that would make rom-com lovers happy.

Thanks to Gye-jeol’s optimism, even when it’s hard to communicate with Kokdu; they found a way to bridge their differences in the 2nd week of Kokdu: Season of Deity.

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Kokdu: Season of Deity Episode 3 and 4 Highlights

Trying to check if Gye-jeol is the woman he’s been looking for, she refuses to cooperate until he can clear her name at the hospital. She demands Kokdu clarify the situation as she does not want to be branded as a liar and traitor.

“I wasn’t simply longing for the woman whose face I couldn’t even recall. Whether it was out of love, revenge or remorse… I thought she would recognize me.”

In front of the Han River, Kokdu contemplates the lesson that he missed all along waiting for the woman pointlessly. Conveying his recent discovery to Oksin and Gaksin, Kokdu realized his predicament given his connection to Gye-jeol is not amiable at all.

Going for an operation to trap Gye-jeol for his own mission, Kokdu places a job posting specifically meeting her skills and needs.

Using their old family house in the refreshing seaside town they used to live in, Gye-jeol met with the clinic owner needing a doctor. Surprised to see Kokdu, she succumbs to sign the agreement since the benefits and compensation are truly advantageous for her.

Unknown to her, the contract she just signed was magically tweaked with a clause that she will date Kokdu for 90 days. So, she freaked out and refused the too-good-to-be-true offer.

Persistent to win her heart, Kokdu tries but his innately lacking emotional intelligence does not help. Reasoning dating together is a win-win situation brings back old bad memories of Gye-jeol to a guy she used to date which she later realized only saw their relationship as mutually beneficial.

“If you want to date me, do something that I like. If you really want to date me, bring evidence and not a contract.”

Unable to take a money loan, Gye-jeol got a tip from a banker to try getting an investment from a woman named Ms. Moon. But before she gets it, she was given a mission to work hard by stirring traditional Korean sauce.

Kokdu who wants to compete so she doesn’t get the investment and take his money instead also came to the place. However, Gye-jeol’s ability to order Kokdu made him do the labor, earning brownie points for Gye-jeol.

Later, the two chat casually and she tells him that she does not hate him. But she does not like him enough to date him. Spouting her belief in a fated connection, she ignores Kokdu’s obvious mockery of how immature her love belief is.

Still, she holds her ground on how she wants to fall in love. Advising him to bring evidence proving he’s the one she is meant to fall in love with, Kokdu is unable to fathom the farce she’s believing.

In a twist of fate, Gye-jeol meets her investor’s husband who is suffering from hallucinations. Addicted to Go, Miss Moon gets upset when Gye-jeol tried to check if she has been switching her meds to her husband.

Through Kokdu’s power, they learned that she truly loves her husband and just wants him to stop his addiction to playing Go.

“Can I make a wish for my daughter? If by any chance you meet my daughter, please spoil her for me.”

Realizing she cannot afford to practice medicine in Yeongpo because the investment might not go through, Gye-jeol tells Kokdu that she will find another job. Unaware of the fact that Kokdu inadvertently teleported to her room and saw her photo with her mother, he firmly declares she won’t be able to leave his sight.

Walking away, she heard the special song she had special memories with her mom. It turns out, Gye-jeol’s ability to make Kokdu do her bidding comes from her mother with whom Kokdu granted the gift of giving everything to her daughter. That is for providing him the same comforting song, at a time he was extremely tired from his work of escorting souls.

The realization that his strange connection and obeyance to Gye-jeol’s orders is because of his mother, Kokdu still finds himself entwined with her. Interestingly, he agrees nonchalantly for them to start a fling.

After securing the investment from Ms. Moon, Gye-jeol happily moves to her new clinic. Appointing Kokdu as her nurse, the proud deity forces Gaksin to become her nurse instead.

In one of Kokdu’s summons to kill evil thugs, Gye-jeol also bumps her car into a man which reconnects her with Jung Yi-deun, her ex-boyfriend and famous golf player.

What’s tricky is that the man she hit with her car was reported dead already. He also used to work at Pilseong Bio and gave a list of medical malpractice patients’ list to a cunning news reporter.

“Do not listen to anyone who wants to hurt or give you pain. You only need to listen to me.”

Forcing Kokdu to pretend as the patient, he ends up at the hospital with Gye-jeol. But as soon as the clock strikes 9 PM, his ears got bombarded with requests. Rushing to leave the hospital, he pushed Gye-jeol away until he inadvertently strangles her.

Quickly finding a way to calm him, Gye-jeol commands he only needs to listen to her. Magically, the haunting screams get dispelled.

Waking up happily the next day, Oksin and Gaksin chat about the progress with Gye-jeol and their grumpy boss. It turns out, Kokdu discovers Gye-jeol’s control over him can also serve the purpose of canceling the requests of the people. Though they need to do it daily, he is extremely happy.

For the first time in his life, he was able to enjoy a serene and beautiful night. With that, he even tells Gye-jeol that since she can destroy the pesky noises he has endured for a long time, she will become his “special person”. He even promised her that he will make sure she does not get hurt and take care of her making her heart flutter.

However, Gaksin wants to draw a wedge in the two’s growing relationship. She plans to have Kokdu stood Gye-jeol on the picnic date she suggested.

Chairman Kim asked his minion Jung-sik to check on Gye-jeol after finding her calling card at the place where the whistleblower employee was supposed to be hiding.

Trying to call Kokdu to check why he hasn’t arrived yet, Gye-jeol was subdued by Jung-sik and thrown into the waters. Desperate for help, Gye-jeol calls for Kokdu who heard it clearly while lounging at his place.

Diving into the waters, Kokdu brings Gye-jeol to the ground and listens as she mumbles his old name and why it took a while for him to save him.

Kokdu: Season of Deity Episode 3 and 4 Musings

That was a quick plot shift presenting the unique relationship of Kokdu and Gye-jeol when viewers are still in the warm-up phase. Nevertheless, nicely-paced narratives are always more welcome than slow-moving ones.

The series also delights with how its love pairing discovers quickly that they can bicker every time and still be happy about it. More than that, Kokdu’s distinct connection with Gye-jeol poses a problem to his numbered days on earth to fulfill his mission.

Before, he used to focus on his mission for his goal of being emancipated. But now that it is beyond his reach, the trivial emotion called love he deems would challenge his plans.

Meanwhile, the conflict raised involving Pilseong Bio is expected to cause concerns for Gye-jeol and Kokdu. It will also rope in people close to them specifically Jung-won and Han-chul.

As the case of Yi-deun’s involvement with Pilseong Bio’s whistleblower has not been resolved, it would be answered in the next episodes. Inducing jealousy in mercurial Kokdu is also most welcome.

Can Kokdu break his curse by making Gye-jeol fall for her in Kokdu: Season of Deity? International fans can watch it on Viu!