“Kokdu: Season Of Deity” Episode 6 Retrieves Memories and Brings Back The Vanished Doctor

“Kokdu: Season Of Deity” Episode 6 Retrieves Memories and Brings Back The Vanished Doctor

Feigning he got Jin-woo’s memory back, Kokdu works on earning brownie points for Gye-jeol by giving Jung-won the closure she demands in the 6th episode of Kokdu: Season of Deity.

What he’s not prepared though is summoning Jin-woo’s skills when an emergency happened that needed urgent surgery.

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Kokdu: Season of Deity Episode 6 Highlights

Gye-jeol’s magical order led to Kokdu losing consciousness and sending him back to the underworld. But Gye-jeol’s power allowed her to bring him and take him back from the underworld.

Making up, Kokdu reminds her that words have the power to hurt or kill people. So, she should not say such words flippantly.

“All fairy tales have cruel endings. That’s because humans always do what they’re told not to do.”

Promising she will never wish for him to disappear; he stares at her meaningfully. Doing what she does best, Gye-jeol insists Kokdu gets treatment but Oksin arrived to get him. Knowing her control over him, she orders him to rest baffling Oksin.

For another Mission: Make Gye-jeol Fall In Love meeting, Oksin suggests Kokdu pretends to be Do Jin-woo for him to get the confession easily since she had feelings for him. Pretending he didn’t like the idea, Kokdu went to Jin-woo’s place to get a glimpse of his life.

In another Kokdu-Gyejeol bickering time, he learns the reason he was fronted as her boyfriend was because of her ex-boyfriend. It of course infuriates the proud underworld god that he became her boyfriend because of it. Annoyed at how she easily falls in love, she teases him if he’s being jealous and brings up Jung-won which he strongly insists does not matter to him.

Reaching the restaurant owner where they post flyers, Gye-jeol and Kokdu happily speak with the couple who asked when they will be married. The question was heard by Jung-won who right away wants her to correct the misinformation that her boyfriend is going to marry her.

Kokdu’s recent Jin-woo-diary reading helps him with the situation to rescue Gye-jeol as he tells Jung-won directly that they have broken up already. It does not matter if she did not acknowledge it because a breakup requires acceptance.

“What if Kokdu disappeared? Will you need him just as much? Will you always wait for him to welcome him?”

Taking Gye-jeol’s hand, they left her as she confronts him about why he did not tell her that his memories return. She explains needing it to boost income for the clinic since his specs warrant credibility which would be helpful to get customers.

Kokdu voices his reality of how he seems to be with her and yet Jin-woo’s presence also joins them. Asking how he weighs in her life; her silence gives him an answer that she’s not into him yet significantly.

Meanwhile, Jung-won looks back on the many times she acted like a brat to Jin-woo and always demanded a breakup when he can’t please her. She also surmises it was strange that Jin-woo was okay with the smell of meat when she confronted them at the restaurant.

After walking away from Gye-jeol, Kokdu takes his grumpiness to Oksin who further annoyed him for not having anything to offer Gye-jeol in the office when Jin-woo has a place at her clinic’s flyer. Through Gaksin’s convincing that Kokdu did a great job fending for Gye-jeol when Jung-won came to bother her; he happily sits at his new desk at the clinic acting as Jin-woo.

But his happiness was short-lived when Jung-won came claiming he has not regained his memories yet. Demanding a date so she can prove her point, Gye-jeol agrees and also stipulates an apology Jung-won must give for all the betrayals she got from her once proven she’s wrong.

“I’m not denying our happy past. But I’m not in the future you’re dreaming of.”

It’s no easy task to go on a date with Jung-won, Kokdu had to go through Jin-woo’s diaries. Yi-deun who was checking out Jin-woo’s professional profile gets surprised when his brother, Jung-sung sees Jin-woo and realizes he’s the doctor who also knows the list.

On D-DAY of Kokdu and Jung-won’s date, Gaksin on back support came prepared and the hours of memorizing Jin-woo’s diary really helped. He was able to answer her tricky memory tests and even diagnosed spontaneously when a patient suddenly came.

Jung-seong looks for Jin-woo at Gye-jeol’s clinic. The latter is waiting for the result of the memory test and realizes that Yi-deun’s brother communicated with Jung-seong about Pilseong Bio’s corruption.

He elaborates how he was in charge of a special center that alters screening tests of patients. Among those patients is Jang Mi-soon, Jin-woo’s birth mother. His last conversation with Jin-woo is his revelation that he has figured out about the “strange list” of patients which he planned to go public before his supposed suicide attempt.

Calling Kokdu about her discovery, he feels amused thinking she’s excited to know the development. He hangs up when the test results came in and also speaks with Jung-won to give her the closure she was asking for.

“Please come back Professor Do!”

Gye-jeol rushes to Pilseong Yeongpo hospital to inquire about the list which Oksin can’t help because it fell from one of the diaries and was swept under the table making it go unnoticed.

When the patient Kokdu and Jung-won brought to the hospital showed signs of eclampsia, Gye-jeol makes a call for a CS operation. However, a patient’s husband run amok in the ER because Jung-won called the police for domestic violence.

Asking Kokdu to operate on the patient to save her and her baby; he refuses and she realizes he has not regained his memories at all. Pressed with time, she decides to operate on the patient when she has not done it before. Desperate, she pleads for Do Jin-woo to return. And he did return after he quickly fainted.

Kokdu: Season of Deity Episode 6 Musings

Kokdu: Season of Deity continues its intricate fantasy layers through Gye-jeol’s uncanny power to have Kokdu at her bidding. Her feat in this episode of bringing back Jin-woo needs elaboration still if her request was powered owing to her control of Kokdu to follow her wishes.

Correspondingly, Kokdu’s “closure moment” with Jung-won might be altered because of the real Jin-woo’s return. But from how the story is going, it aims to tie the knots on Pilseong Bio’s corruption. Hence, Jin-woo preps to take the center stage.

The sooner they realize the existence of the list that was overlooked at Team Kokdu’s lair, the better. By bringing back Jin-woo, Kokdu’s question raised in this episode about the space he occupies in Gye-jeol’s heart will be answered. It also drives an engrossing point on how she will summon Kokdu back to her life if indeed he matters to her.

Notably, Jin-woo’s return puts him in a precarious situation since he will be confronted with a problem caused by Kokdu. Will he remember Kokdu’s memories while he possessed his body? Will he work on the corruption case halted because of Chairman Kim’s evil intention.

Can Kokdu break his curse by making Gye-jeol fall for her in Kokdu: Season of Deity? International fans can watch it on Viu!

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