“King The Land” Unveils Lee Jun Ho As Reclusive Hotel King

“King The Land” Unveils Lee Jun Ho As Reclusive Hotel King

Lee Jun Ho in character as Gu Won of King The Land piques interest!

King The Land is billed as a romantic comedy about a man who despises laughter and a woman who needs to keep smiling because of her job.

Writer Chun Sung Il of the global phenomenon drama series, All Of Us Are Dead, will be penning King The Land. Backing up the production are BY4M Studio and NPIO Entertainment which produced The Red Sleeve, Forecasting Love And Weather, and A Time Called You.

Portraying Gu Won, the heir of King Group who has innate dignity and charisma is Lee Jun Ho. With a brilliant brain and chic charm, he has everything but memories of his mother who suddenly disappeared.

In search of his mother, he enters the King Hotel to find clues and answers to his goal. There he meets Chun Sarang, played by Im Yoon Ah.

Exactly the opposite of his detached personality, Sarang is nicknamed the “smile queen” of King Hotel. Her hard work and great personality have led her to climb from the lobby information desk to the VVIP lounge, King The Land – which is the dream of hoteliers.

Troubles begin to arise in her simple dream of wanting to become a hotelier who gives happiness to people when Gu Won, the Hotel King heir enters her life.

Accordingly, the character stills released featuring Gu Won exude extraordinary composure and charisma with his neatly trimmed hair and a dapper three-piece suit that fits his manly charm. Serious and stoic, instead of an eye smile, he vaunts a formidable gaze.

Previously, in an interview, Lee Jun Ho promises a gift for his fans.

“I have high expectations to greet you with a new image. I will prepare hard on the set to deliver pleasant energy, so please give King the Land a lot of love and interest.”

Expected to satisfy viewers with its charming story, King The Land is set to release this year.

Source: JTBC News