Jason Momoa Reveals the One Thing That Links Every Project He’s Ever Done
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Jason Momoa Reveals the One Thing That Links Every Project He’s Ever Done

Every actor has some quirk behind the scenes. Whether that may be method acting, or eating a specific food, some traditions are just as off-the-wall as the person behind them. In Jason Momoa‘s case, his practice on set seems to delight everyone involved.

In an interview with ET, the Game of Thrones alum reminisced about his time on the set of his newest project, Slumberland. Albeit on a different set from the ones everyone is used to seeing Momoa on, the 43-year-old actor admitted that some traditions just stay the same. While on the set of the Netflix picture, the actor shared the playlist he put together, admitting that there may or may not have been a dance-off to the 80s-centric musical list.

“We had a dance to Dua Lipa. It was a bunch of 80s on set. We had some Pat Benatar. We had some Def Leppard, had some Mötley Crüe. Billy Idol.”

The actor, who plays Flip, an outlaw helping a young orphan girl through the bizarre Slumberland, admitted to having chosen 80s classics to be fully immersed in the set experience. The 1982 classic “Come On, Eileen,” was one of the songs in Momoa’s playlist- and we now understand why no one could keep out of a dance-off or two.

If you’re curious about Momoa’s ’80s playlist, we have some bad news for you: that hasn’t been released, yet. But you can still keep up with actors by watching Slumberland which, as of today, is now available to watch on Netflix.