“Forbidden Marriage” Episode 9 The Joy of a Dream Romance

“Forbidden Marriage” Episode 9 The Joy of a Dream Romance

Unveiled secrets in the 9th episode of The Forbidden Marriage turned a sweet honeymoon stage of romance into a you-lied-to-me heartbreak.

Thanks to Lee Heon’s “skilled schemer” his love life can get any sweeter with Secretary Kim’s 5000+ ways to win a woman’s heart.

Meanwhile, Shin-won finally realized that Sorang knows they share a past as former betrothed but weighs the effect of Lady Seo’s taunt that would put Sorang at risk

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The Forbidden Marriage Episode 9 Highlights

Previously, Shin-won leaves his post. Sadly, the wound he sustained from the attack at Onyang caused irreparable damage to his arm.

Having a new relationship, Lee Heon succumbs to the honeymoon stage and surprises Sorang when he pays a visit. Reminding him that she shares the room with Court Lady Won, he adorably protects himself when she mentions scandalous things. He asserts he is pure and innocent and he wants to put her to sleep.

His sweet intention gets interrupted when Secretary Kim announces urgent news. The boys he commanded to look for Shin-won failed to trace him. Apparently, Lady Seo ordered someone to hit him with a poisonous needle which Chun-seok took.

“Your Majesty, the royal wedding cannot be delayed anymore. Please choose a consort soon and fill the position of the Queen.”

Making a decisive strike on obliterating the women abduction business of evil Minister Jo, the latter of course has an answer to that. He pushes for the marriage selection as he can sense the wedding ban is set to be lifted.

Conversing with Secretary Kim about how the marriage selection worries him because of Sorang, Lee Heon’s master planner suggests he sleeps with Sorang so if she gets pregnant with a prince, everything will be resolved.

Thinking it will be too soon to be too intimate, Lee Heon dismissed the idea. Cupid Secretary Kim understands his qualm of wanting to get to know each other first, so he promises to do such moments for them to get to know each other better.

“I’m thinking of untying my robes here today.”

Executing the getting-to-know-each-other plan, Lee Heon proposes Sorang accompany him to a famous market. While his intention has a sweet ulterior motive, Sorang delightfully likes his idea thinking they can earn money by going there.

What Sorang did is sell string knots which made her earn quite a profit for selling each piece to the amount of the capital used in the material. Lee Heon also gets a glimpse of what her career as a love expert is and she hopes that the lifting of the marriage ban will make her connect with men and women anew.

After selling their items, Sorang drags Lee Heon on a spontaneous date where they experience what normal couples do. From eating street food to taking a portrait together and then tying their string knot. They even had to run to escape the roaming soldiers prohibiting the display of affection owing to the marriage ban.

At night, the events earlier heighten the spark between them. Relaying his intention to sleep with her, Sorang asked if she will become a concubine.

A flashback reveals the conversation Sorang had with Queen Dowager. The latter agrees for her to become a concubine the King favors and hopes she bears a prince. But Sorang refuses.

She says the same reason to Lee Heon who promises he will make her a queen. But Sorang counters how she does not even have an identity. Still, he asserts how she should stay by his side as she promised and commits to it as well. But Sorang is firm to be content as his lover only.

“Love is not something you can win against your will.”

Summoning his confidence, Do-seok brought Hae-young to present his 10-things-I-hate-about-you love confession. He asks if she can marry him as soon as the marriage ban ends.

Meanwhile, Court Lady Won bids farewell to Sorang who feels sad as she feels not having someone by her side anymore. Court Lady Won reassures her to believe in the power of love.

Lee Heon also sends off the woman who became his second mother. Later, he learns from his warriors about Shin-won who sent a message to the king not to look for him anymore.

Another visitor invades Shin-won’s solace as Do-seok brings alcohol to share his love problem. Hae-young’s answer apparently is that she doesn’t know love yet so she feels awkward and does not know how to respond to his confession.

Do-seok points out that Shin-won feeling heartbroken because of the slim chance that his right hand can recover means he still has hope left in him.

“Everything that happens here in the future shall be kept secret.”

Secretary Kim’s uncanny ability to execute plans is truly remarkable. Wanting to strengthen the relationship between Lee Heon and Sorang, he prepared a sweet place that screams “let’s be intimate here”.

Lee Heon argues the setup Secretary Kim made is outdoor and a bit scandalous. But the secretary reasons how Sorang has been roaming around so she could have a penchant for the outdoors.

Unable to sleep at night, Lee Heon visits Sorang’s place and leaves a bouquet of flowers. Delighted to see the flowers her lover gave, Sorang hurriedly rushes to meet him.

She peppers him with small kisses which Lee Heon’s just woke up body can’t sustain.

As promised by Lee Heon, he sent Court Lady Won to Gongnyang Village for the bandits hoping to go on blind dates. Promising to give them a makeover, she also asked them to find her missing husband. After deep pondering, Shin-won returns to his parents who embraced him with unconditional love.

At night, Lee Heon proceeds with his skillful schemers outdoor-romantic-hopefully-it-goes-all-the-way-date. Impressed, Sorang heads straight to drinking liquor after Lee Heon uninterested in the other features of the Joseon-style glamping Secretary Kim ployed.

The alcohol, the mood and Lee Heon’s reassurance that everything will be kept secret made alcohol intoxicated Sorang to throw her inhibitions and starts teasing him with sweet kisses.

Reminding her that she does not want to go to the next step yet, Sorang thaws his resolve with a declaration that she’s all willing to be his.

“While you lost a bride, I lost my everything. My family, my name and my existence.”

Returning to his home, Shin-won checks on his things from the palace and finds an unfamiliar box. There, the portrait of his betrothed before the marriage ban is revealed. He realizes Sorang knew that he was the man she was supposed to marry.

When Grandpa Gwaeng-yi fell ill and was diagnosed to be old and could be leaving soon, Hae-young asks Shin-won to get Sorang as she is his only family member. Sorang learns about her adopted father’s condition and tells Lee Heon that she needs to go home.

Bravely confronting his almost mother-in-law, Shin-won mocks Lady Seo when she proudly declares that her second daughter is the known young lady of the Ye family. Presenting his evidence, Lady Seo fights his attack with the claim that Sorang does not have divine powers. She even coaxes him to reveal the truth about the real Hyeon-seon along with the lies she created.

Taking care of Grandpa Gwaengyi, Sorang had to send a letter to Lee Heon that she needs to stay longer. Although missing her much, the king is left with no choice but to understand. But his longing can’t be restrained so Lee Heon goes to see his beloved.

Inadvertently, he heard the conversation between Shin-won and Sorang about her lying that she had a soul connection with the dead crown princess. Enraged, Lee Heon tells her that she can no longer return to the palace.

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 9 Musings

From high to low, The Forbidden Marriage knows how to navigate its narrative now that the end is on the horizon. Let’s hope the preview will really push for Sorang’s fortitude to finally claim what belongs to her.

If only Lee Heon heard the whole conversation between Shin-won and Sorang. But this misunderstanding is needed to propel the thrill and seal the love they have for each other. Shin-won and Sorang’s confrontation scene soundly explains the contrasting emotions that at the very least gave them the closure they need.

The Forbidden Marriage

Such a scene stealer, Kim Min Sang as Secretary Kim is really making his role easy to love in The Forbidden Marriage. To be fair, the supporting cast is really doing a great job in the series especially since most of them took a reversal from previous roles they worked with

Grandpa Gwaengyi’s muddled words greeting Sorang as queen foreshadow that possibility, so we can be assured that we can see more of their loving moments orchestrated by Secretary Kim’s date ideas.

Can love expert So-rang help King Lee Heon find a new queen that will be spared from death in The Forbidden Marriage? Watch the series on Prime Video!

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