Fans Are Done With Bethenny Frankel After New ‘Housewives’ Podcast Begins
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Fans Are Done With Bethenny Frankel After New ‘Housewives’ Podcast Begins

Fans Are Done With Bethenny Frankel After New ‘Housewives’ Podcast Begins

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Bethenny Frankel is taking some heat these days from fans of The Real Housewives of New York City, the reality show she was on from 2008 to 2019. Her new podcast ReWives plans to revisit all her favorite episodes, which has former costar Luann de Lesseps slamming her and countless fans chiming in.

When Bethenny left the show, she was adamant about moving on and producing shows that represent a shift in the conversation for women. Over the years, she has put the show down by saying it capitalizes on women’s weaknesses, and that it’s about “women trashing women.”

Now, Frankel is all about the show again, and that’s what has her former costar (as well as many Housewives fans) speaking out against her podcast. At first notice, Luann seems to be simply protecting its reputation from being trashed by the former alum. When Danny Pellegrino urges the point a little further, the Countess goes in on Bethenny a little deeper, and that’s what has folks liking and retweeting all over the internet.

As de Lesseps continues to talk about Bethenny’s latest venture, it’s more about how “sad” and “pathetic” of a move it is. When she left the show, Frankel went on to attempt to do bigger and better things, but she continues to come back to Housewives to keep herself relevant. That’s what Luann is actually talking about, and people are in agreement.

The fact that Frankel was on Housewives is huge to her, and she admits that the show is where she came from. Going on the promised The Real Housewives of New York: Legacy might be the answer to both sides of her stances. Having her on Legacy is most likely already in the works, since Andy Cohen has announced that it would be everything fans have wanted and more.

If Bethenny’s new podcast is going to be a trainwreck, watch it for the trainwreck that it is. It might turn out to be the best entertainment in Housewives history, delivered as a beautiful trainwreck fans didn’t know they needed.

Will it actually be a flop? Frankel has her own fans who have pointed out their admiration of her charity work, as well as the love they have for her successful brands like Skinnygirl. The show promises to invite such huge guests as Elisabeth Moss, Jerry Springer, Suze Orman, Kevin Nealon, Dave Portnoy, and Griffin Johnson. These are ingredients for success, but fans will have to see when the premiere airs on iHeart Media on November 14.