Elon Musk Launches Twitter Poll Gauging Potential Donald Trump Reinstatement
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Elon Musk Launches Twitter Poll Gauging Potential Donald Trump Reinstatement

At this stage, it almost feels as though Elon Musk is deliberately running Twitter into the ground, because we’re running out of explanations as to why somebody would feel the need to spend $44 billion on something that’s become embedded so deeply into the public consciousness, only to turn almost everyone against it.

Next on the Tesla CEO’s hit-list is the potential reinstatement of Home Alone 2 star, former reality TV host, and WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump, which is admittedly a development that’s felt increasingly and worryingly inevitable ever since Musk decided that the scorched earth approach was the best way to endear himself to the Twitter-using masses.

The poll only launched a few hours ago, but upwards of seven million votes have already been cast, and a brief scroll through the comments and replies indicates that a war is already brewing online, which has become part of the daily discourse on an app that’s slowly descending towards the fiery depths of hell.

Even more galling, the results are fairly evenly split as the poll continues to gather steam. At the time of writing, 53.6 percent of those to have taken the plunge and cast their vote in favor of the man who was given a Stone Cold Stunner by Steve Austin at WrestleMania being allowed back onto the platform.

Hopefully people are just deciding to ignore Musk’s latest ramblings on his new toy that grows less shiny by the day, but there’s a great orange specter currently looming over the site that we may not be able to escape from.