Disney+ Affirms New K-Dramas To Watch In The First Half Of 2023

Disney+ Affirms New K-Dramas To Watch In The First Half Of 2023

More Korean Dramas are coming to Disney+!

In case you missed Big Bet, the acclaimed series starring Choi Min Sik already completed its run and you may add it to your binge-watch list.

Accordingly, new K-Dramas set to launch in April are also available on Disney+.

On April 17, the Korean spy comedy series top-billed by Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara is decked to premiere.

In Family: The Unbreakable Bond, a spy for the Korean intelligence services walks a fine line between being a model agent and the perfect husband and misses the explosive secret his beloved wife has been keeping from him.

Also coming to Disney+ this April is Dr. Romantic 3 headlined by Han Suk Kyu, Ahn Hyo Seop and Lee Sung Kyung.

“Dr. Romantic 3” Teases With In-Character Look Of Han Suk Kyu In Latest Poster

Correspondingly, Shadow Detective 2 gears up for its return starring Lee Sung Min. The second season predicts a more expanded story with the joining of new characters.

It will also unfold the past of Kim Tae-rok and reveals the hidden mastermind behind the ‘friend’ who plunged everyone into the labyrinth.

Lastly, the workplace drama, Race will unravel its narrative starring Lee Yeon Hee, Hong Jong Hyun, Moon Sori and Jung Yun Ho.

The series is a collaboration between Writer Kim Ru Ri (Hyena) and Director Lee Dong Yoon (She Would Never Know).

“Bo-ra! Deborah” Unravels Main Poster Featuring Confident and Charming Yoo In Na

Yoo In Na pitches her interesting love coach character in the latest teasers of Bo-ra! Deborah.

Bo-ra! Deborah (LT) is a romantic comedy between a man and a woman with opposing beliefs when it comes to dating.

Director Lee Tae Gon helms the production with writer A Kyung and director Seo Min Jung joining him in the creative team. Director Lee is known for dramas Mad For Each Other, Hello My Twenties 1 and 2 and This Is My Love to name a few.

In the drama, Yoo In Na portrays Yeon Bo-ra/Deborah, a dating coach who believes dating requires strategy.

Bora is a self-proclaimed rom-com artisan, a dating influencer for women and a star writer with best-selling love books.

In contrast, Yoon Hyun Min playing the role of Lee Soo-hyuk, a publishing planner, is strongly convinced that dating should be sincere.

Hot as if indifferent, affectionate as if chic, Soo-hyuk is a man who is difficult to love. Even though he seems like a love idealist who says that ‘dating is something you inevitably fall for’, he is a person who doesn’t do anything.

Yoo In Na Transforms Into An Influencer In “Bo-ra! Deborah”

Previously, the unique aura of Deborah, a love influencer with sophisticated style and elegance was released through her character stills.

Interestingly, she seems to have mastered dating. Witty and honest, she seems to have mastered all kinds of love affairs. But when it comes to her own love affairs, she can’t see the reality leading to betrayals.

Deborah, a love coach who has failed in her relationship, meets Lee Soo-hyeok, a publishing planner, and draws attention to whether she will succeed in returning her love.

In the meantime, the main poster released draws attention to Deborah’s confident and lovely appearance in the colorful spotlight. The poster also shows an inviting pitch of how Deborah can be trusted in solving love problems.

Subsequently, a teaser video also shows Deborah flaunting her prowess convincing that she can be of help in winning love.

Bo-ra! Deborah premieres on April 12 on ENA and GENIE TV!