“Crash Course In Romance” Episode 11 Confirms Hints Of Heartbreaking Betrayal

“Crash Course In Romance” Episode 11 Confirms Hints Of Heartbreaking Betrayal

Officially starting a relationship, Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol charm in their sweet interactions in the 11th episode of Crash Course In Romance.

While love blooms bountifully, the mysterious man behind the metal marbles is progressing through the diligent investigation of the detectives handling the case.

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Crash Course In Romance Episode 11 Highlights

Stepping up to protect her aunt who has been treating her as her own daughter, Jae-yi clarifies on an influencer’s live stream that Haeng-seon is not her mother, thus there’s no scandal at all but romance.

“I also have a conscience. I want you to live your own life, too. Express your feelings to the man you like. Go on dates with him. I should have done this earlier. I’m sorry.”

She also reveals to her Math instructor that her aunt likes him a lot and she knows he feels the same. Rushing to where Jae-yi is, Haeng-seon chides her for taking the extra mile to defend her. But Jae-yi is resolute to be the bridge of love to the person she is grateful for.

Taking her lead, Chi-yeol goes to Haeng-seon’s restaurant but finds her not there. Instead, Yeong-joo steps in to answer the obvious reason why he came and affirms what Jae-yi confessed earlier. Hae-yi also arrives and tips him that he should be at his place because the person he’s looking for is there already.

Flustered Haeng-seon apologizes for not bringing her phone and Chi-yeol responds by embracing her tightly and softly whining about why she didn’t clarify everything.

“I bragged about being the 3 Trillion Won Man, but I never enjoyed my life. I’d crawl into my bed after a long hectic day, and it’d always feel like something very important was missing. And I had trouble sleeping. But you found that for me. The missing piece.”

Back in front of the Han River; the two recount how they realized the fond feelings they felt for each other. Admitting she found him cold first, she realized he was just lonely. From there, she passed through different emotions processing how he has taken her system subconsciously.

Returning her sweet words, Chi-yeol beams acknowledging how his life became fun since meeting her. He also tells her that she is his second life savior after her mother and is precious to him.

After making sure Haeng-seon is safe back home, Chi-yeol goes home feeling relieved and happy that his love life now has a color. Meanwhile, Haeng-seon is cutely interrogated by her favorite people about her relationship status which she adorably avoids answering.

Before sleeping, the two exchange sweet chat messages like teenagers while going through the infancy of their romantic relationship.

“We’ve been through so much together to cut them off easily. I think I’ll regret it if I don’t give them a yellow card, first.””

The next day, Chi-yeol finds his previous employees who left back to apologize and claim their jobs back. Surprisingly, he also has gotten Hyo-won’s name right which he always calls by the wrong name.

CEO Kang also meets him to return to The Pride academy and reveals his situation with the new teacher he got demanding more money and Teacher Jin being found dead.

For her bravery, Hae-yi who worried that she will be looked down upon again by her classmates after revealing she’s an orphan, fortunately, has better and more mature classmates who treated her as a star for defending her aunt.

All Care Moms of course are aware of what’s happening at The Pride and talk about how the new teacher is not as good as Chi-yeol. Asking Su-a’s mom to talk to the CEO to bring back Chi-yeol, they are honestly aware he could go back to the academy but not to the program anymore.

Thus, they seek their luck if they can channel that request to Haeng-seon after expressing disappointment to Su-a’s mom.

Resuming his lessons to Hae-yi, Haeng-seon blushed at the teases she got from her niece and brother. Chi-yeol decides to eat the food she prepared so he won’t reheat it anymore. On cue, Jae-yi drags her uncle to give them privacy and the two discuss about Chi-yeol’s work options.

He shares about meeting The Pride CEO and acknowledges how he’s the first person who sees his potential first. Encouraging him to give The Pride Academy a chance.

Following his heart’s desire and Haeng-seon’s insightful advice, Chi-yeol turns down the company that made a lucrative offer and decides to give The Pride a second chance.

“When you hesitate, you get scored on. I’m going to study really hard, Sunjae.”

Progress on Teacher Jin’s case brings a new development and one of the captured CCTV of the black hoodie suspect they are tracking revealed Hui-jae’s face.

At Nation’s Bangchan, “chicken day” is merrier with Dong-hui and Yeong-joo joining. They also go for a bowling match where Dong-hui behaves strangely with Haeng-seon.

Just like her aunt’s blossoming love life, Hae-yi gets a sweet confession from her tutee Gun-woo who has improved tremendously owing to her lessons. After solving a Math problem, Teacher Jun pledges a wish if he gets into college. But Gun-woo declares in the class that if he gets into college, he wants to go out with Hae-yi.

Confronting Gun-woo on his public declaration of wanting to date Hae-yi, Sun-jae got realistic advice that his hesitation will make him lose. Dan-ji who knows he likes Hae-yi urges him to confess before it’s too late. But when he made up his mind, his mother calls him to go home so he can watch his brother.

Sun-jae reaches home exactly when Hui-jae is having a panic attack. Getting him a calming drink, he bumps into detectives looking for his brother. They follow him when the veteran detective noticed he knew the person in the picture they showed to him.

When the doorbell rings, Sun-jae let the detectives in and feigns ignorance about the presence of his brother inside the house. However, Hui-jae runs out of the house. At that same moment, Haeng-seon shares her feeling about something odd about Dong-hui.

Chi-yeol shrugs off her idea since her outgoing personality really does not fit Dong-hui’s individualist style. While in a faint verbal spat, Chi-yeol almost hit the rushing Hui-jae being chased by the detectives.

Crash Course In Romance Episode 11 Musings

The middle-aged love story in Crash Course In Romance might be not suitable for those still seeking their own. Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol discovering love together is a refreshing treat, despite its cloying vibe.

Integrating the intriguing stalker furtively hounding Chi-yeol, the direction we are getting was there all along, and viewers would be truly disappointed. But it attests to the actor’s commitment to playing a secret villain role.

Sun-jae’s mettle will be tested by looming problems ahead of him, along with the young love he hesitated to pursue. Can his brother Hui-jae prove his innocence? Despite his part feeling detached from the narrative, his connection to the real culprit will tie a crucial knot in the story.

Hopefully, Chi-yeol will not be too late to understand Haeng-seon’s qualms to avoid endangering her in the hands of the villain who has been within his reach all along.

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