Chris Hemsworth Doesn’t Take Kindly to the Ravages of Time Being Brought to His Attention
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Chris Hemsworth Doesn’t Take Kindly to the Ravages of Time Being Brought to His Attention

Photo by Caroline McCredie/Getty Images for AFI

Although he may not look like it, Thor star Chris Hemsworth is coming into middle-age, and it seems the actor would rather not think about it.

Aging is just a sad fact of life, unless of course you’re Paul Rudd, who seems to be aging backwards if anything (He’s 53!). For the rest of us mere mortals, we have to deal with the effects of getting older. The aching bones, exhaustion, and everything else that comes with it. Most of us deal with it by not thinking about it at all, and that’s what Hemsworth was doing until he was rudely reminded by People magazine that he’ll be turning 40 this year.

This makes him the last of the four big Chrises to turn 40 (The others being Pratt, Evans and Pine). His snarky response speaks to all those who are feeling the effects of aging, even though he’s still got some time before he waves goodbye to his 30s, as his birthday isn’t until the August 11. 

This means that Hemsworth has been playing the role of Thor since he was 27. To be fair, he doesn’t look that much older when you compare him between his MCU debut and his latest film. Fans responded to the star’s tweet thanking him for 12 amazing years as the God of Thunder.

Hard to believe. I saw you at a panel at C2E2 promoting Thor when you were 27-28…the past 12 years has been an amazing run, here’s to an even brighter future for you and your family.

— dEnny_UK (@dEnny_UK) March 2, 2023

Others reassured him that getting old isn’t that bad and encouraged him to embrace his age as there are some benefits.

It’s not so bad… I mean, nap times start to become a regular thing or maybe that’s just me.

— Manny (@MannyL79) March 2, 2023

Whilst Hemsworth may not be feeling so great about the milestone, age is just a number, He’s still up there as one of Marvel’s sexiest men. For some, their 40s are the best years of their lives. Regardless, we’re sure he won’t be retiring anytime soon.