“Cheer Up” Episodes 10 and 11 Helps Bae In Hyuk, and Han Ji Hyun To Sort Out and Confront Their Feelings

“Cheer Up” Episodes 10 and 11 Helps Bae In Hyuk, and Han Ji Hyun To Sort Out and Confront Their Feelings

Hae-yi ends the love triangle between her, Jung-woo, and Sun-ho with a kiss in episodes 10 and 11 of Cheer Up.

Love continues to flourish for Theia members, but danger and threat also continue to build up behind shadows. Furthermore, Do Hae-yi finds herself in an awkward situation which helps her decide who to choose between Captain Jung-woo and Sun-ho.

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Cheer Up

Cheer Up Episodes 10 & 11 Highlights

“I was going to say I was quitting to make you feel better, but that will be a lie.”

Drinking at Cheers for the festival’s after-party, Theia members were surprised to wake in front of the sea. As they recollect their memories, So-yoon explained how they ended up in Busan — Jung-woo’s hometown. 

Due to drinking too much alcohol, Jung-woo blurts out how he was sorry for lying to her mother, and the rest helped him to do it. Since Jung-woo’s mother did not expect the Theia members will stay at their home, she assigned them different jobs in the market as payment.

Also, Jung-woo grabs this chance to talk to her mother and apologize for not telling her about Theia. Nevertheless, her mother finally accepts that this what the path that he wants, like his late father. 

Meanwhile, Hae-yi is confused the whole trip since she recalled that she kissed someone while drunk. What’s clear to her is that it’s either Captain Jung-woo or Sun-ho who kissed her.

Cheer Up

“You’re quite bold unlike how you seem. The whole cheering squad thinks I did it. You see, Yoo-min suddenly wants to meet me. I wonder how she will react if she finds out about this.”

During the festival, Soo-il saw Jin-il’s message notification that clearly points out that he is the culprit. Moreover, Jin-il didn’t deny this but intimidates Soo-il, since he also threatens him of telling the truth to Yoo-min. 

Jin-il played a voice record that can prove that he is indeed involved with the issue of the misuse of Theia’s funds. In return for hiding this evidence, Soo-il must tell Yoo-min that he is indeed the culprit.

In addition, now that Yoo-min was ‘convinced’ that everything will turn out fine with Soo-il’s confession, she plans to leave and start anew.

“I won’t flirt anymore. I’m going to make myself clear. I like you. I like you, Hae-yi.”

As Jung-woo opens up to Hae-yi about his father, he also clears out the conversation they had at the Cheers. He finally realizes that his actions did confuse her and hurt her feelings. 

Jung-woo then apologizes and bravely confesses his feelings toward Hae-yi. At the same time, Hae-yi fully recalls who kissed her – Sun-ho. Since their return, Hae-yi feels awkward with the two around and avoids having a conversation with either of them. 

However, her plans on avoiding Jung-woo and Sun-ho failed as they were assigned by their professor to pair up randomly and experience dating. Unfortunately, Hae-yi was paired with Jung-woo, and Sun-ho chose to pair up with her. 

“I’m afraid ending up losing you without saying anything. What I’m most afraid of is losing the lucky girl I might never meet again in my life.”

Jung-woo and Sun-ho took turns taking out Hae-yi for a date. Hae-yi spent time with Sun-ho indoors, where they eat and play video games.

On the other hand, Jung-woo’s plans are about to end disappointingly. Fortunately, Hae-yi enjoys looking at the stars at the observatory, which made her emotional. Jung-woo also gives her comforting words. 

While they were eating outside, Hae-yi bluntly asks Jung-woo why he suddenly confessed his feelings. As he explains his reasons, he apologizes again and asks Hae-yi to give him another chance, but Hae-yi rejects him. 

As she stood up, Jung-woo’s seashell gift to her fell and broke. Nevertheless, Hae-yi still takes his gift after knowing that it is meant for her father. 

Despite rejecting him, Jung-woo’s actions made it clear that he is the right decision for Hae-yi. With that, she finally listens to her heart and kisses Jung-woo. 

The next morning, Hae-yi meets up with Sun-ho to give her an answer. However, Sun-ho left the cafe while staring at Hae-yi’s back. 

Cheer Up Episodes 10 & 11 Musings 

This week’s episodes of Cheer Up display climactic scenes of the lead characters. Furthermore, it leaves a heartwarming atmosphere since viewers got to be with Theia members on their short stay in Busan. 

As a youth, Do Hae-yi knows to read Sun-ho’s red flags and knows how to identify fleeting from deep-down feelings. Furthermore, I was hoping that the drama should emphasize that being drunk is not an invitation to manipulate a person. 

Nevertheless, Sun-ho’s character proved that this action is a red flag, and it is a good decision that Hae-yi did not get swayed by his actions. On the brighter side, Sun-ho did make an effort to genuinely date someone and showed that Hae-yi has helped in changing his old habits. 

In addition, Captain Jung-woo has unveiled his soft and romantic sides in this week’s episodes. From his personality and ideals, Jung-woo perfectly meets and resonates with Hae-yi’s sentiments. 

With that, we obviously can’t wait to see how their love story continues. Will Theia members oppose their relationship, or will they approve it even if it’s against their rules? 

Now that Hae-yi and Jung-woo are officially dating, will Jin-il come up with more dangerous threats? Based on Hae-yi and Jin-il’s conversation, is he only targeting Jung-woo? 

If it’s correct, does he have a relationship or grudges towards Jung-woo? Let’s hope that Hae-yi will be safe and that Jin-il will be caught as soon as possible. 

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