“Brain Works” Episodes 7 and 8 Exhibit That Love Is The Root Of All Evil

“Brain Works” Episodes 7 and 8 Exhibit That Love Is The Root Of All Evil

Taking a peek at a married couple’s rocky relationship, Brain Works reveals the great lengths a person will go to protect the ones they love.

A man with Capgras Syndrome who believes his wife has been replaced with an AI program and his wife, who suddenly develops symptoms of conversion disorder, becomes the prime suspect to a murder. But who reall is accountable for the murder? 

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Brain Works Episodes 7 & 8 Highlights

“We never saw eye to eye although we truly care for each other.”

The chief commendation ceremony was interrupted when Ha-ru leaked a suspicious old video of Geum Myung-se going to a motel with a minor. Ha-ru’s plan to sabotage his career failed when the girl from the video revealed herself and said that Myung-se was only trying to help her at the time. 

The following day, Myung-se saw a distressed man approaching the police station. Heo Bum-soo reported that his wife, Kim Jae-sook, had gone missing for a week. He claims that the AI program, Cherri, is responsible for his wife’s vanishing and that she’s currently in his house. Confused, Myung-se went to Bum-soo’s house to investigate. He then witnessed Bum-soo beating his wife and arrested him for domestic abuse.

Ha-ru and Myung-se’s interrogation revealed that he suffers from Capgras Syndrome, where he mistook his wife for Cherri and committed an affair with her. In this neurological disorder, a person thinks that an identical-looking alien or fraud replaced their family member or a close friend. Findings found that injury from a bike incident caused his illness, and Ha-ru recommended Bum-soo undergo surgery. 

“I’m sorry for making you lonely.”

The procedure went smoothly, and they went back to their regular life. Heo Bum-soo presented himself at the police station days later, covered in blood, saying he had committed a murder. The victim was their neighbor next door. Heo Beom-soo confessed to murdering him in a fit of rage when he mocked him for having an affair with a virtual human.

After finding out that her husband surrendered after killing their neighbor, Jae-sook started suffering severe spasms and paralysis from extreme stress. Upon observing her, Ha-ru concluded that she is experiencing a conversion disorder wherein a sudden trauma, psychological conflict, or duress can cause the body to feel paralyzed.  

It didn’t take long before evidence revealed that Jae-sook was the actual murderer. Plagued with guilt, she confessed that she got close to her neighbor out of spite for her husband and admitted to the murder. She told them her husband took the blame for it because he promised to protect her with all his life.

Brain Works Episodes 7 & 8 Musings

Details regarding Ha-ru’s past and his connection to Hwang Dong-woo are still unclear. However, in one scene Chi-guk looks at a picture of what appears to be Ha-ru’s parents. It gives a subtle hint that he is probably involved in his parents’ death.

Despite the heaviness of the scenes, we get to see the developing friendship of Ha-ru and Captain Seol, who bonded over the discussion of Captain Seol finally confessing her feelings to Myung-se.

It is definitely the duo we didn’t know we needed. 

Meanwhile, a new character made an appearance in the last few minutes of the episode. It heightens the excitement for the following episodes if she will finally be Ha-ru’s love interest.

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