“Blind” Episode 15 Disillusions the Trust Between Two Brothers with a Seemingly Righteous Family

“Blind” Episode 15 Disillusions the Trust Between Two Brothers with a Seemingly Righteous Family

Through In-seong, Sung-jun realizes that Sung-hoon has been an accomplice in the juror murders in Blind.

Sung-jun discovers that Sung-hoon has been the designer of the revenge plans executed by In-seong. Mr. Bae dies, and a video of his meeting with Minister Na and Chief Yeom gets exposed in the news.

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Blind Episode 15 Highlights

“The reason he got involved in the investigation wasn’t to solve the case but to interfere with it.”

In a flashback, In-seong presents Sung-hoon Director Lee dead in a drum. At present, Sung-jun regains his memories after being pushed down the stairs.

Unfazed by the punishment for serial murderers, In-seong hints to Sung-jun what Sung-hoon’s role in the revenge murders. Asked when they began planning, In-seong tells Sung-jun it started ever since he was tricked to believe he was Jung Yoon-jae.

Deducing In-seong and Sung-hoon are accomplices, Sung-jun scares In-seong of being betrayed by Sung-hoon, wherein all the blame will be placed on him while Sung-hoon lives freely. Reacting to that, In-seong’s nonchalant face changes.

 Restudying the case of murders, Sung-jung learns that everything was planned by Sung-hoon even forcing himself to be stabbed by grabbing the knife towards him.

Moreover, he realizes Sung-hoon has been interfering with the investigations, and that it wasn’t Eun-ki who circled the numbers from the drawing book, leaving the hint of the address of the vacation house.


“It’s probably because even when apologizing, people are weighing their benefits and losses. There’s usually more to lose than to gain.”

Mr. Bae accepts the bag of money from Chief Yeom and Minister Na in exchange for his recordings of the Hope Welfare Center and promises not to create a documentary about it. 

He then warns them to look closely at the people around them who could potentially attack them. Looking troubled while in awe of the money after the meeting, Mr. Bae gets whacked in the head. 

Eun-ki waits with Sung-hoon for Mr. Bae, but he cannot be reached. Asked how the producer was persuaded, Sung-hoon tells Eun-ki that he called the documentary as a second chance to repent for his sins.

However, in truth, Mr. Bae has told Sung-hoon that the records were with Yoon-jae already. Sung-hoon suggests to Mr. Bae that he tell a bluff to Chief Yeom and Minister Na to watch their reactions.

Chief Yeom sees that the tape is blank while Minister Na receives photos of her husband in the vacation house delivered by Charles. She suspects Sung-hoon since he knows everything and Sung-jun had memories of being adopted.

Sung-jun asks Eun-ki to find another place to stay in and to report everything to him since Sung-hoon is suspicious.

The next day, Sung-jun follows Sung-hoon jogging and sees him meeting another person. He also discovers where the yellow paint on his outsoles came from.


“Just because you turn a blind eye to it, it doesn’t change the fact that something happened.”

At Mr. Bae’s office, Eun-ki learns that there’s no documentary about Hope Welfare Center that has been started. She then informs Sung-jun about it, and tells that Sung-hoon notified her that Mr. Bae agreed on doing it.

Receiving a call that Mr. Bae has been killed, Sung-jun rushes to the scene. Charles, now referred to as Lee Jung-soo, is suspected but he has never been seen recently.

Sung-jun gets mad at In-seong for treating his lifetime plans like a joke. He feels shocked after hearing from him that Sung-jun already regained his memories. Listening to In-seong’s reasons for revealing their alliance, Sung-hoon admits he doesn’t see him as a human being just as Sung-jun said.

Investigating at the restaurant Mr. Bae last went to, Sung-jun discovers he met with Minister Na and Chief Yeom. In there, he sees a hidden camera that was implanted by Sung-hoon.

Asking his mom about it, Minister Na only tells Sung-jun that she was being blackmailed about Hope Welfare Center. Other than that, she keeps her silence, and Sung-jun calls her brazen for ignoring that people died. 

Confronting Sung-hoon about it, Sung-jun tells him that none of the adults involved changed. In that, Sung-hoon lets Sung-jun guess his next move. Sung-jun rushes to Sung-hoon’s office, but Sung-hoon meets Eun-ki and entrusts her with a file she’d best use.


“Our goal is revenge, not murder.”

In-seong tries to bargain with Chief Yeom on letting him out just for one day in exchange for the evidence of his corruption. However, his request gets denied.

Correcting Sung-jun’s belief that he was the one who dragged his brother into everything, In-seong reveals to him that Sung-hoon planned everything even from the beginning of the juror selection.  

It is revealed that Sung-hoon wanted their perpetrators to experience the same thing that was done to the children in the center. He never intended on involving the family members of those involved, but In-seong scoffs at it.

Sung-hoon spared the grandson of Chief Yeom and also gave An Tae-ho a chance. All that has happened was Sung-hoon’s plan and In-seong was just the executor of it.

The news exposes the video from the hidden camera, and Minister Na is enraged by it. Her husband, Ryu Il-ho, gets angry at her for covering things up now and even in the past. However, she justifies her actions, telling her knowledge of him going to the vacation house that sexually exploited the girls from the center.

Eun-ki comes to the police station, bringing the petition Sung-hoon wrote to Judge Ryu Il-ho when he was young. In that, Sung-jun learns that their father was the judge of the center’s case, resulting in minimal punishment for the center’s director while other perpetrators walked freely. He then receives a call from Sung-hoon asking for him to the fishing spot.


Blind Episode 15 Musings

From the moment people got picked as jurors, Sung-hoon has already planned their revenge. He is indeed smart and a great planner along with Yoon-jae who has a creative mind. However, all those gifted brains were used for the wrong reasons. 

The hunches Sung-jun had earlier turned out to be correct. It was really difficult to suspect those who seemed clean and had spotless records like Sung-jun’s family.

While the children of Hope Welfare Center are pitiful, Sung-jun and the children of the adults involved with the center are also unfortunate to be punished for the wrongdoings of their parents. 

Repaying what has been done to them, Yoon-jae and Sung-hoon’s decision to involve family members of their oppressors just mirrors what has been said to them of being at fault for being born to such parents.

In their planning stages, Sung-hoon never intended to involve the family members of the jurors or even execute murders. Appearing to have some humanity left, we shall look forward to whether Sung-hoon could still redeem himself in the final direction of his revenge at the finale.


Watch what decision Sung-hoon would make for the last part of his revenge in the finale of Blind on Viu.

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