Before You Die You Hear The Ring Vinyl Soundtrack From Waxwork Records
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Before You Die You Hear The Ring Vinyl Soundtrack From Waxwork Records

The upcoming vinyl release, set to commemorate the 20th anniversary of “The Ring,” is a luxury double LP, featuring “Samara & The Well” green and black marble vinyl, as well as splashed black and white “Cursed VHS Tape” colored vinyl. This release also features a heavyweight gatefold jacket and matte satin finish, some stunning artwork and designs by Matt Needle that will scare you with a record as much as VHS, exclusive liner notes by Gore Verbinski himself, and more.

The Zimmer score, a beautiful blend of melancholy and fear, is key to the effectiveness of Verbinski’s remake. As Waxworks explains:

“Built on the foundation of a piano, violin, synthesizer and two cellos, the Zimmer score is truly effective in bringing listeners into the haunting space of ‘The Ring’ with its intensely anxious strings, sad chords, and rolling percussion. Zimmer creates a shadowy atmosphere that draws you into a gripping ghost story.”

Indeed, while there have been many horror remakes, few have stood the test of time as well as Verbinski’s “The Ring.” It’s not only a rare adaptation that really captures the essence of the original, but one that manages to translate a very Japanese story and make it work for American audiences, thanks to a focus on rapidly adapting technology. This is the film that started the trend of American adaptations of J-horror films, and a film with very satisfying payoffs and scares.

Now, you can feel like you’re being haunted by a vengeful spirit when Waxwork Records’ vinyl “The Ring” is released in March 2023. You can pre-order it here.