Andrew Tate’s Ramblings Age Like Milk After Latest Courtroom Ruling
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Andrew Tate’s Ramblings Age Like Milk After Latest Courtroom Ruling

The news cycle being dominated by Donald Trump and Andrew Tate paints a sobering picture of where we are as a society, with a former president potentially being indicted and arrested at the same time a self-styled misogynist is locked up in a Romanian cell with complete and unfettered access to social media, because why not.

Incredulously, both of the insanely divisive figures boast an army of staunch supporters who refuse to accept that either of them did anything wrong, despite increasingly mounting evidence to the contrary. In the case of WWE Hall of Famer and former The Apprentice host Trump, he’s even urging his backers to launch riots in the street should the worst case scenario unfold.

Tate hasn’t quite been mobilizing the troops to the same extent – at least not yet, anyway – but his own drama took another turn yesterday when he was left “speechless” over the latest ruling in his ongoing proceedings that include a number of charges including trafficking.

At roughly the same time, though, he was content to tweet happily from the confines of his current residence, but his pseudo-philosophical ramblings instantly aged like milk left out in the baking heat of the sun as his freedom suddenly got that little bit further away.

You are being programmed.

You cannot stop it.

Everything you ARE stems from what you’ve experienced.

It’s an unstoppable force like gravity.

You cannot stop the programming but,

YOU can CHOOSE what you hear and experience.

— Andrew Tate (@Cobratate) March 22, 2023

Seeking answers from myself, I stare in the mirror.

How long can a man endure?

After a while, I began to smile.

They want to break me.

I can not let them.

— Andrew Tate (@Cobratate) March 22, 2023

There’s never a dull moment with divisive social media personalities igniting fury and fervor in equal measure it would seem, but Tate might actually be benefiting from Trump seizing the lion’s share of the headlines. Or at the very least, it’s helping people forget he’s even a thing that exists.