“Agency” Episodes 9 and 10 Put Forward Strengths and Vulnerabilities Of Its Characters

“Agency” Episodes 9 and 10 Put Forward Strengths and Vulnerabilities Of Its Characters

Proving her character’s mettle, Go Ah-in wins the commercial pitch in the 5th week of Agency.

Go Ah-in definitely had her miracle happen and other characters of Agency stand out contributing more to what the drama can offer. 

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Agency Episodes 9 and 10 Highlights

“People who make miracles make it happen”

Week 5 of Agency shows the presentation exhibition of all competing agencies for Woowon Company. But before the presentation, Go Ah-in and Chang Choi-soo had to offer their presentation material to Director Kang Han-na, and given Ah-in’s personality she left the room with words to think about and be curious about. 

Then the scene where all the competing agencies were on hold, picked their card for whoever will go first. Go Ah-in think that it was disadvantageous for her to go first and so armed with bravery, she switches card to the agency that will go last. 

Furthermore, as all the presentations are taking place it was obvious that Woowon Company is looking for something else, and among all the presenters Go Ah-in has what they wanted. In the end, Go Ah-in and her team’s presentation paid off. 

However, even though Go Ah-in’s team has all the reasons to celebrate there are some people that couldn’t accept the fact that Woowon’s Company Chairman get the bail with just a PR Commercial. With this, all eyes were on Go Ah-in and how she miraculously achieved victory, not just for her but for Woowoon Company. 

Additionally, it was humbling for Go Ah-in that after all the stressful nights and hopeless emotions, she still went to Yoo Jung-Suk her trusted mentor and they got a simple celebration. 

Interestingly, the way episode 9 ended sparks curiosity in its viewers since Go Ah-in was seen sleeping on a bench park. 

“The bill has already been sent”

Due to this fact, Go Ah-in was afraid of her health situation. Instead of her usual routine where she goes to work early, she went to her psychiatrist doctor. As usual, she shows toughness with her doctor but in the end, her emotions gave in. 

After this, she went on a stroll in a park where she spontaneously met Jung Jae-hoon. For Go Ah-in having to visit a park make her space out from the reality of her life and it gave her calmness that she usually doesn’t have. 

Meanwhile, the building romance between Kang Han-na and her personal assistant Park Young-woo is moving on a positive note. It is a given that they are impossible to be together due to their family class difference. And it made both of them frustrated with the situation. 

Additionally, VP Kang Han-soo, the rival sibling of Kang Han-na, would want to take advantage of the romance between her and Park Young-woo, just to get rid of Kang Han-na in their family’s company. 

Given this topsy-turvy situation among all the Agency’s characters, the story still comes down to Go Ah-in’s choices that make the viewers curious about what the drama can still offer next. 

Agency Episode 9 and 10 Musings 

Agency does a great job telling a message and a story to its viewers and that’s what episodes 9 and 10 relayed. In the previous episodes, it can be observed that Go Ah-in really struggles with having good progress for the PR Commercial. 

However, the proceeding episodes really tie everything into its right place. It is with no doubt that Agency’s viewers will be kept on wanting more of the drama. On the other hand, given that Ah-in can do anything for her to reach success, she continuously sacrifices herself. 

And now that she is finally caught all the attention at her, it can be seen in her behavior that she is filled with anxiousness given that it is already time for her to pay the self-immolation she had accumulated for the sake of success. 

In terms of the romance between Kang Han-na and Park Young-woo, there is something to watch for from them. In the newly released episode, their message was really captivating given the walls between their love. And definitely, it is something to look forward to. 

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