10 Popular Movie Couples That Make No Sense
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10 Popular Movie Couples That Make No Sense

Many popular movie couples don’t make any sense when given true consideration. The Romeo & Juliet-inspired opposites attract love story has been done for decades, but each time audiences fall in love with it. However, it’s always confusing why couples are willing to risk so much to be together, especially in films when the characters are fairly young and have their entire lives ahead of them. The most talented filmmakers are able to make the confusing pairings work even if they would never end up together in the real world.

Even when characters aren’t necessarily opposites, sometimes the pairs are just completely incompatible. There are plenty of movies where a couple would have been much better off going their separate ways, especially when their relationship was built on a lie or a bet. However, audiences still fall for various different tropes, which is why Hollywood continues to create love stories that feel unrealistic and confusing. These 10 movie couples, no matter how much the world loves them, just don’t make any sense.

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10 Jack Dawson & Rose Dewitt Bukater In Titanic

Titanic ending Jack and Rose reunite

Known as one of the greatest love stories of all time, Jack and Rose’s three-day Titanic romance actually doesn’t make much sense. Jack was Rose’s escape from her miserable engagement and confined lifestyle, but it’s hard to believe she was ever really in love with Jack, just inspired by his carefree and adventurous way of life. As for him, he told Rose that she was a spoiled brat, so what drew him to her – so much so that he sacrificed his life so she could float on the door – is a mystery. James Cameron created a compelling love story with Titanic, but it’s still unfathomable how they ended up together.

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9 Bella Swan & Edward Cullen In Twilight

Edward and Bella lying in a field together in Twilight

Twilight couple Bella Swan and Edward Cullen were an odd pairing. Bella was a teenager with her entire life ahead of her, and Edward was a 104-year-old vampire living in a coven of immortal vampires, initially drawn to Bella because of the irresistible scent of her blood. Bella could have lived a happier, more peaceful life had she never gotten involved with Edward, and the fact she was so willing to give up her life to join Edward’s coven is baffling.

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8 Cher Horowitz & Josh In Clueless

Clueless Josh and Cher

Cher’s teenage crush on an older, more educated college guy isn’t unusual and is, in fact, pretty justifiable, especially since Cher was so focused on becoming a better, more educated person herself. The part that makes no sense is that Josh was her former stepbrother, and Clueless expected viewers to just accept the two’s romantic staircase kiss and the fact they ended up together at the end of the film. It makes even less sense knowing how strict Cher’s father was. Of all the characters, he should have been the one to inform his daughter dating her former stepbrother is odd, to say the least.

7 Rocky Balboa & Adrian Pennino In The Rocky Franchise

Rocky in Rocky Balboa and Adrian

Rocky and Adrian’s relationship made more sense as the franchise went on, especially after her passing when it became clear how much he really loved her. However, the start of their relationship made little sense. They seemed to have nothing in common, and Adrian wasn’t even interested in Rocky despite him consistently pursuing her. What made the least sense of all is that Adrian didn’t understand the point of boxing, and that was Rocky’s #1 passion. Even after she expressed her opposition to the sport, he still wanted to be with her.

6 Danny Zuko & Sandy Olsson In Grease

Danny Sandy

Grease‘s beloved couple, Danny and Sandy, had a sweet summer fling, but once they reunited at Rydell High School, it became clear they were from two different worlds. Sandy should have left Danny the minute he pretended not to know her in front of his friends to come across as cool. Instead, she threw away her entire identity to become someone she thought he would want to be with. Plenty of signs in the film suggest the two would never work out in the future, and Sandy was better off with Tom Chisum.

5 Katniss Everdeen & Peeta Mellark In The Hunger Games

A blended image of Katniss and Peeta in The Hunger Games

Katniss and Peeta’s love in The Hunger Games seems more like a trauma bond than a healthy relationship. The two almost died together on several occasions, and the shared experience brought them closer. However, other than their experience with the games, the two didn’t have much chemistry and wouldn’t have had a deep connection had they never taken part in the events. After all, their relationship started out as a publicity stunt that neither of them really wanted to be a part of. There’s a reason so many were doubtful that they were actually together because their feelings for one another weren’t believable.

4 Kat Stratford & Patrick Verona In 10 Things I Hate About You

Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger in 1999's 10 Things I Hate About You.

As a retelling of a Shakespeare story, it’s no wonder Kat and Patrick’s love story doesn’t add up – Shakespeare wasn’t exactly known for logical romances. Kat wants nothing to do with Patrick at the beginning of 10 Things I Hate About You, and he’s only pursuing her because he’s being paid to. While they share a desire for rebellion, there isn’t much other reason the two should be together, especially after Kat finds out the truth about why Patrick wanted to date her.

3 Maria & Tony In West Side Story

Also following a pretty cliché Shakespearean concept, West Side Story‘s Maria and Tony made little sense. Tony is from the opposing gang to Maria’s brother, Bernardo, and instead of staying loyal to her family, Maria risks everything to be with Tony. The strangest part of their love story is when Tony confesses to killing Bernardo, and Maria not only stays with him but plans to run away and elope with him too. Given the circumstances, the relationship is pretty absurd, and their dedication to being together is difficult to understand.

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2 Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley In The Harry Potter Franchise

Harry and Ginny’s relationship is better in the books, but in the Harry Potter films, they seem to have no connection at all. The pair lack a lot of chemistry, and the fact that they had children at the end of the franchise seemed rushed. It’s also odd that Harry would end up with Ron’s sister, as this could further complicate their friendship which had a few ups and downs throughout the franchise.

1 Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman & Johnny Castle In Dirty Dancing

Johnny and Baby in Dirty Dancing

Baby and Johnny from Dirty Dancing are considered an iconic movie couple, but they probably shouldn’t have been together. Johnny is outright mean to Baby. Maybe he was simply frustrated that she wasn’t a pro dancer the minute they started practicing, but his anger toward her should have been a warning not to get romantically involved with him. The pair was another case of opposites attract in popular movie couples, but the fact that Baby was willing to lie to her family all summer long to be with a man she just met doesn’t add up, especially since she seemed too smart to get involved in an illicit love affair.